PERTHSHIRE’S own Parliamo are back with their first EP, showcasing their indie-pop perfection across four tracks on the ‘Thrill of the Chase’.

Having previously released a stream of singles and soaking up strong critical adulation, Parliamo are enjoying the fruits of their labours as they continue to rise to forefront of Scottish indie. Their latest release marks a huge milestone for any emerging band, as their first EP hits the airwaves.

This ode to fuzzy indie pioneers of the past, with thunderous guitars, joyful melodies and an almost-cheeky sound to the vocals that pepper this concoction of musical power. Opening on the upbeat ‘All Dolled Up’, this anthemic five-piece begin to carve out the underlying sound of this entire record: fuzz, riffs and singalongs. Three central themes that trickle from tune to tune, the intent of this EP is there for everyone to see from the start, a band with their own way of doing things.

An undeniable highlight of this release was the self-proclaimed ballad of the “brutality of growing up”, ‘Sweet’. The latest single from this EP to be released moves somewhat away from the cheeky tonalities of the tunes this band have carved previously. Lead singer Jack Dailly said of this song that “‘Sweet’ takes a more serious tone, discussing the brutality of growing up, as our friends and relationships change and end, and we move on to different things. In particular, moving away from my hometown of Perth to Glasgow”

This EP is a crowning triumph, and incredible way for Parliamo to end their year: a whirlwind of success from releasing their first single to where they stand now.