SINCE their boisterous steps into the uncertain world of modern music, Glasgow trio Shredd have been exemplifying the benefits of carving out your own niche and signature sound. As was first exposed to wider audiences on their fuzz-laden and gloriously unkempt debut EP Everytime We Meet I Want To Die, this youthful outfit’s colossal sound has ingenuity at its core and has saw them rise in acclaim with each subsequent excerpt of new material.

Taken from their forthcoming sophomore EP, TTV are delighted to provide you with the first indication of the band’s next evolution on the chaotic ‘In My Head.’

Four minutes and 30 seconds of auditory carnage that mirrors both the perils of a society that bears too much resemblance to the dystopian tales of speculative fiction, the group’s latest effort is nothing short of momentous in both stature and ambition. Built around foreboding guitars that set off at an unnervingly slow pace before exploding into life with ill intentions, the sheer gravitas and ferocity that this trio can generate is incongruous with their limited numbers and must be heard to be believed. An abrasive show of defiance to humanity’s galling downward trajectory, there’s a depth, diversity and brazenness at work that provides a healthy jolt of excitement ahead of their busy summer.

Accompanied by a new video which builds upon the totalitarian themes by culling inspiration from the cult classic ‘They Live’ alongside the tyrants of the past and present that have threatened to derail all our progress, ‘In My Head’ is a precursor to their new EP which will emerge in its entirety on Monday 6th August.

For those looking to catch the band live, they’re set to play a free entry show at Glasgow’s Mono on Saturday 23rd June.

Watch the video now below: