UNEARTHING exciting new talent is what drives us on a daily basis at Tenement TV; especially when that talent roots itself in our city’s thriving music scene. Having popped up on our radar following a highly sought-after support slot with The View at one of their sold out King Tuts shows back in February, young Glasgow-based four-piece SWAY are ready to make their mark once and for all with the release of a new AA single titled ‘Planet Earth/Give You It All’.

Ahead of its official launch this coming Friday (21st April) at Broadcast, TTV are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Planet Earth’; an irresistible slice of fuzz-pop that will bury its way into your consciousness with consummate ease. Recorded with Catholic Action’s Chris McCrory at Shady Lane Studios and mixed and mastered by Gianluca Bernacchi of The Vegan Leather, the track is another shining example of Glasgow’s fiercely collaborative music scene; its more considered style of production resulting in the band’s best offering to date.

Building on the promising foundations put in place by last year’s AA side single, ‘Planet Earth’ indicates a massive step in the right direction for SWAY; it bolsters their fuzzy guitars and power pop sensibilities with a hard-hitting rhythm section while introducing a vibrant layer of synths that expands their sonic palette even further. Affected lead vocals instil a dreaminess to the track over its distorted riffs, while an influx of bright guitar lines on top of an upbeat chorus ensure its overall effect is nothing short of infectious. Bringing the swirling dissonance of shoegaze together with an indie pop charm, it’s a track destined to be played on long summer nights.

Despite its sunny disposition though, there is something more compelling that lies behind its lyricism. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Matt from the band said: “This song is basically about someone who is constantly out of it and acts in such unusual ways that they no longer seem human. There’s something about them and the way they act that is very alien, yet scarily intriguing.

About its songwriting process, he added: “I took inspiration for the lyrics from Girl From Mars by Ash after I started getting into their 1977 album, but the actual song has been kicking about for nearly 3 years. I re-wrote lyrics and titles for it multiple times before finally settling with Planet Earth. As a band, the track has pushed us to work more with samples and synthesisers which has added a new layer to our sound. Also, it’s helped us construct a much more pounding and hard-driven rhythm section which has helped us become so much tighter both in the studio and live.”

‘Planet Earth’ will be launched this Friday at Broadcast with appearances from other local acts including Fabric Bear, Drowned Out and Pleasure Heads. The launch party has been organised in conjunction with Paraformal Gigs and Control Social Club. Tickets can be found here.

Check out the new track below.