THE old idiom goes that to assume makes an ass of out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ but in the case of Glasgow firebrands The Dunts, to discard them as just another proponent of ‘lad rock’ based upon appearances alone is to deprive yourself of discovering an under-publicised depth that lies in their catalogue.

From the very first moment that they cautiously stepped into our view through an off-hand, unsolicited email that contained an unkempt and refreshingly rough mix of ‘The Birdz And The Beez’, it became abundantly clear that this was a band that exuded a vitality that is hard to come by in a time where the general consensus is that guitars have been pushed to their absolute limit by years of banal attrition. Complete with a desire to not just offer empty platitudes or tired rumination on modern romance in between barrages of blistering guitar, it is easy to see that The Dunts have always wished to say something more substantive in a genre that is often derided for revelling in its mindlessness. Whether it’s in reproach of the UK’s farcical political system, tales of the disconcerting disassociation of experimenting with hallucinogenics or dizzying stories from coming of age in today’s Glasgow, the vapidity that can often waylay modern rock ‘n’ roll is something that they’re clearly eager to sidestep.

From playing Reading & Leeds and becoming the toast of Radio 1’s Huw Stephens show all the way to their forthcoming set at our very own Tenement Trail this weekend, it’s safe to say that what the band is crafting is resonating with a fervently enthusiastic audience that’s began to grow far beyond the confines of their humble beginnings amid the city’s thriving scene.

A wry, self-effacing nod to the critics and their languid attempts at pigeonholing, the band’s brand new EP Self Proclaimed Council Punk makes for an exhilarating listen and one that we’re thrilled to premiere ahead of its emergence on streaming services this Friday.

Produced by the lauded duo of Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall at their vocational homestead in 7West Studios, their latest collection is a propulsive combination of long-held live stalwarts that now replicate the same essence as those frantic, besieging shows where they were first aired and newer fare such as ‘Ride The Wave’ which indicates that there remains considerable room for manoeuvre within their rambunctious sound. The recounting of best laid plans left in tatters by the persuasive forces of camaraderie and mind-alerting substances, this track nestles in swimmingly between a reworked version of ‘G53’ that now invokes the unrelentingly inventive sound of a Favourite Worst Nightmare era B-side and the charting of  Johnny Rotten’s anarchic celebrity cull that constitutes the rampaging ‘Witch Hunt.’ Concluded by that very track that initially ushered in their incendiary arrival, ‘Birds and The Beez’ may have been refined but by no means has it been neutered and its vivacious spirit, rousing percussion, singalong refrains and the gravitas of an enduring anthem that’ll be clung to by their fans for years to come remain  firmly intact and accounted for.

A prestigious and yet daunting position given the carnage that has ensued during the slot in recent years, The Dunts will play the midnight set at Flat 0/1 during this Saturday’s Tenement Trail festival with tickets available via Ticketweb.

Check out the EP now ahead of its unveiling on all streaming services tomorrow (Friday 28th September) below: