WHEN it comes to rambunctious indie rock that is tailor-made for long nights of chaotic revelry and the abject terror that often follows, those that frequent Glasgow’s intimate venues have never been so spoiled for choice as they are at this exact moment. Whether it’s bands that are just making their first tentative foray into the scene in the lower half of a bill or groups that are beginning to command legitimately organic and impassioned followings in their own right, it’s as creatively fertile as the genre has ever been within confines of  the city.

One band that certainly falls into the latter camp are Voodoos, the boisterous young four piece who displayed their potential on debut single ‘Natalie’ and have strived to enhance their standing ever since. Little more than eight months on from when they first graced our pages, the band have delivered their most robust work yet on ‘Turn Me Into Juice’ and it’s a track that we’re delighted to premiere today.

A notable subversion from the mundane and well-worn lyrical themes that solemnly dominate the guitar rock sphere, Voodoos have instead opted to delve into the tradition of lyrical surrealism that recalls The Cramps, John Cooper Clarke and Nick Cave to name a few. Brimming with charisma in its spiraling guitar lines and a brooding sense of volatility, there’s a sense of continuity in its planning and execution that is often lacking in a band’s formative years and it hopefully leaves the door open for further exploration of this direction in the very near future.

Check out the track below and catch the band supporting Rascalton at their upcoming EP launch at The Fred Paton Day Care Centre on the 27th May.