WHEN it comes to provocateurs and instigators in the hyper-sensitive, sterilised music industry of today, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone more steadfastly committed to prodding at the boundaries of taste, genre and tolerance than Dale Barclay.

As eclectic and daring as ever within his latest project And Yet It Moves, the Glasgow-based firebrand has been boldly undeterred by a diagnosis of grade four glioblastoma and is continuing to create, perform and live life by his own credos. Set to undertake a pair of Scottish shows in June alongside his wife, fellow artist and co-conspirator Laura St Jude, TTV are excited to preface these performances by premiering the video for And Yet It Moves’ ‘Second Earth Song’

Filled with sardonically chirpy guitars that belies the debauchery that resides at its hearts, this eccentric and exploratory number from their debut album Free Pass To The Future captures the sheer unbounded creativity of the project and demonstrates the daring manifesto of invention which informs their output. Vindicated in its desire to tread on ground that others would be fretful to even hypothesise about heading for, its new video was filmed in the group’s spiritual base of operations in Berlin and symbolically charts the journey of an impotently enraged child that wishes to remould the world in his own image. Visceral from both an auditory and visual standpoint, it’s a must for anyone that’s found themselves ensnared by Barclay’s uncertain and dangerous world since he first came to the fore in The Amazing Snakeheads.

With a set that spans their entire careers to date, Dale and Laura St Jude will play Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s and Glasgow’s The Art School on Thursday 21st  and Friday 22nd June respectively with tickets available via SeeTickets.

Watch the video for ‘Earth Song 2’ below: