CONSIDERING the massive amounts of creativity that are expelled in their every move, it’s safe to say that we’re ever so slightly excited for Pronto Mama’s forthcoming debut album.

Seemingly capable of subverting from any expectations that their audience may have about their material at will, the band have thrown yet another ingenious curveball our way in the shape of ‘Double Speak.’

Led by the unique percussion style of Martin Johnston that goes far beyond the limitations of the usual indie rock paradigm, the track is a thoughtful analysis on what it is to be young, naive and entitled.

Touching upon the notion of feeling as though the world owes you something without any justifiable evidence to support such a claim, the dichotomy that resides at the heart of the song are faithfully mirrored in its musicality as it intermittently flits from soulful and docile to unglued and incensed.

Evident of their commitment to both video and music coinciding to create a succinct work of art, they have once again enlisted the services of Paul Wilkie who creates a vivid tapestry that brings forth new ideas and breeds new dimensions to the track itself.

Pronto Mama’s debut LP Any Joy will be released on the 5th May via Electric Honey.

Watch the new video below: