SEEMINGLY emerging from nowhere in 2016, Saint PHNX have experienced a meteoric rise that would leave seasoned bands enviable.

Hailing from Scotland, the duo’s anthemic sound has carried them far for a band that is still in their relative infancy.

Ardently working on new material and armed with an irrepressible drive to keep this forward momentum going, the band have unveiled their first track of 2017 in the form of new single ‘Rise.’

Loaded with atmospheric swells and hard-hitting rhythms that would be right at home on any Hollywood blockbuster’s soundtrack, ¬†‘Rise’ is fraught with the aspirations that are so hardwired into their psyche and is more than capable of bringing them ever further acclaim with every listener. Striking a balance between gentile and titanic in stature throughout, it would behoove fans to catch them at intimate venues while they can as they seem predestined to outgrow such spaces in the near future.

Its newly released video acts a similarly emphatic rallying call which features footage of the band performing amid shots of naked flames and shattered glass. Given the trajectory of their career so far, it’s not hard to establish how this symbolism relates to the band and how they plan to carry on throughout this year.

Check out the video and their TTV session below: