Glasgow-based outfit whose acclaim and sound has continued to evolve in metamorphosize over the course of the last few years, the latest recalibration of the band known as Static Union is one that stakes a claim towards brazen new horions.  After a celebratory set at Tenement Trail which saw them thrill ardent supporters and win over new additions to their flock at the same time, the band have taken the daring step of delivering two new tracks in one fell swoop with ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Last Of Our Kind.’

Demonstrating a newfound lyrical depth, maturity and scope from the off, ‘Last Resort’ is the retelling of a turbulent, misdirected relationship set over brooding alt-pop that utilises the affecting sparseness of The Jesus And Mary Chain alongside more immediate sensibilities. Sorrowful yet hopeful for the future, it culminates in a hail of striking guitars and ebullient vocal proclamations.

With their affinity for the often intermingled sound of shoegaze and post-punk well established, ‘Last Of Our Kind’ sees the band curtail the lamentations over personal heartbreak in order to examine the plight of our world as a whole. Impassioned rock ‘n’ roll at a time where such fervent action is most definitely required, this Julian Corrie (Miaoux Miaoux/Franz Ferdinand) produced track possesses a dynamic sound that captures the dread of overarching uncertainty which its lyrics encapsulate whilst maintaining a shred of lingering hope in its vibrant instrumentation.

A rollicking mission statement from a band that brims with enthusiasm for their craft, check out both new tracks below: