WITH its official release date just a matter of weeks away, Sunflower Bean have treated us to another stellar preview of their upcoming album Twentytwo in Blue. 

Shaping up to be one of the most eagerly anticipated records of the year, their latest single is perhaps one of their most tender cuts to date; channelling Fleetwood Mac in their gorgeous melodies as Julia Cummings’ delicate vocals come to the forefront. However while the track may be more gentle than previous single ‘Crisis Fest’, its message is every bit as potent; recalling Dylan Thomas’ powerful poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ in its emotional chorus, Cummings’ captures the feelings of those forced to grow up in this tumultuous political climate we find ourselves in today.

The track has now been paired with a striking pageant-themed visual accompaniment, directed by Olivia Bee. Incorporating the song’s themes of empowerment, resilience and fighting against expectations, the director said: “I loved metaphorically speaking about the reality of being a woman, but letting that reality exist whilst tapping into the magical blues of Twentytwo in Blue. This song showcases our strengths and individual beauties when we remove the masks that have been given to us by our society, and I wanted the video to reflect that.”

Twentytwo in Blue arrives on 23rd March. Check out the video below.