A BAND who have had us enthralled with each inspired release to date, London-based group Tempesst have unveiled the first track to be taken from their debut EP Adult Wonderland, out on 27th October.

Never content to be pigeonholed by one particular genre or style, ‘Waiheke’ transcends all our expectations of the band as they explore ambitious new territory and take us on a compelling journey through swirling, shifting psychedelia. Opening with a cosmic throb, the exotic cut hypnotises you with its languid, slow-burning pace as waves of dreamy vocals and bedazzling guitars wash over you with mystical effect.

Speaking about the track, the band’s Toma Banjanin says: “My girlfriend Summer and I were travelling around New Zealand in a van last summer and ended up staying at her Auntie’s ‘Bach’ (beach cabin) in Waiheke, an island off Auckland. Summer’s Dad stayed with us too and gave me my first Tarot reading and I wrote this song about that conversation.”

A compelling insight into the upcoming EP, check out the track below.