AFTER commandeering the full attention of Scotland’s music scene at every turn and in-road along the way, The Dunts are hoping to prove their mettle and validate all of the plaudits with their debut EP Not Working Is Class. 

An overview of what they’ve accomplished in little more than a year since they first descended upon a stage with a brash swagger and destructive intentions, the band have furthered the anticipation which surrounds its release as they regale us with the frantic, disconcerting guitar trip of ‘Dimitri.’

Usually reserved as the domain of the psychedelic, naval gazing side of the musical universe, the Glasgow-based outfit’s latest work conveys the unstable footpath between unbridled bliss and abject horror that mind altering substances can place you on alongside a backdrop of seething riffs and imposing vocals. Eschewing the non-confrontational vocabulary that usually paints the experience as producing a life-affirming epiphany a minute and instead focusing on the uneasy pursuit of escapism that is so vividly detailed in Hunter S Thompson’s work, ‘Dimitri’ (likely a thinly veiled reference to the hallucinogenic DMT) revels in its own guitar laden fervour and disorder to produce something that evinces the ambitiousness that’s developed in their collective headspace.

Produced by Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall, Not Working Is Class will be released on the 24th November via Pulling Teeth. For those looking to catch the band live, The Dunts (and fellow rising stars Voodoos) will support the ever impressive Tijuana Bibles at St Luke’s Glasgow on the 1st December.

Check out the track below: