van-ts-ttrail-2446INCITING uninhibited carnage during their midnight set at this year’s Tenement Trail in Flat 0/1, there’s an energy that’s elicited during every one of The Van T’s shows that is hard to find. Whipping the crowds up into a frenzy with riff-heavy alt-rock and incessantly catchy refrains, the band have experienced a busy year and have set their sights on further prosperity in 2017.

Slated for its formal release next month, the band have returned with their first track since their A Coming Of Age EP in the shape of ‘Fun Garçon.’

A track that has became a staple of their live sets, the intensity levels are established from the moment that its outpourings of rampant guitars lurch into life followed by an undercurrent of dynamic rhythm. Telling the tale of a would-be lothario a over a slice of fuzzy garage rock, it’s a suitably raucous way for the band to draw 2016 to its conclusion and will appeal to audiences that appreciated both the heavier nature of ‘Blood Orange’ and the pop sensibilities that were found on their Laguna Babe EP. 

‘Fun Garçon’ will be released on the 25th November via Bloc+ Music.

Check out the track now: