respect and adoration of your peers is always a helpful attribute to have and it’s one that Scotland’s very own The Van T’s can most certainly claim to possess.

Following a productive summer in which they played a multitude of festivals including Electric Fields and T in the Park’s revered T Break Stage, the band have also received nods from kindred spirits such as the massively popular Honeyblood and even supported them during their recent show at Glasgow’s The Art School.

Seemingly primed to reach similarly heady heights with their forthcoming debut EP and in the midst of preparations for a set at our very own Tenement Trail this weekend, the band have aired the first taste of what is to be expected in the form of  ‘Growler.’

Laced with absorbing guitar lines that manage to be simultaneously melancholic and yet accented with allusions toward sumptuous dream pop, the track’s focal point is undoubtedly the beautiful intermingling of twins Hannah Van Thompson and Chloe Van Thompson’s voices; a trope which provides them with a distinct identity of their own within a crowded marketplace.

Recorded by Chris McCrory of Catholic Action/Shady Lane Studios, this opening volley from the EP will unquestionably entice those who’ve already became enamoured with the band’s rich and melodic output over the course of 2015.

Their debut EP Laguna Babe shall be released on the 13th November 2015, while those looking to catch the band live can do so at our very own Tenement Trail this Saturday.

Listen to the track below: