UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA have officially announced the release of their new album Sex & Food along with a brand new video for ‘American Guilt’. Said to tap into both familiar and unexpected territory, the follow-up to 2015’s LP Multi-Love is slated for release on 6th April.

And if their new single is anything to go by, it seems that the New Zealand psych-rockers are back in exhilarating form.  Marking a huge shift in pace for the band, ‘American Guilt’ is a whirlwind of fuzzed-up gritty guitars, distorted vocals, pulsating basslines and clattering drums. A snarling slice of rock & roll, it’s a fiery insight into the upcoming album.

Discussing the track, UMO mastermind Ruban Nielson said: “American Guilt is an attempt to capture some of the feelings floating around these days. In a perverse way I wanted to embrace this abandoned genre of rock music that I keep reading is “dead” and invite people to hear what this living dead genre sounds like in the UMO universe.”

The new animated video directed by Greg Sharp features images of the horrible garbage produced and tossed aside by today’s society. Check it out below.