CONTINUING to cement their place among the UK’s elite contingent of rising stars with every infectious and anthemic piece of alt-rock that makes its way into the public consciousness, the unhindered and untameable rise of The Van T’s is still blossoming on new single ‘Bittersweet.’

After well and truly proving their mettle whilst sharing a bill with Scottish fuzz-pop royalty in The Jesus And Mary Chain, the band’s latest output is ebullient with the confidence of an outfit that are well and truly finding their groove.

Unquestionably one of their most relentless affairs to date, ‘Bittersweet’ marries the extroverted riffs of Pixies circa Surfer Rosa with modern garage pop at its most ferocious before dousing the whole thing in their trademark brand of stirring, confessional vocals and guitar-based ferocity. Harbouring a chorus that seems destined to incite carnage at their notoriously raucuous live shows, ‘Bittersweet’ and its concluding barrage is not only a sublime introduction for anyone who’s yet to delve into the band’s catalogue but a reinforcement of their limitless potential for those who’ve long pledged their allegiance.

Check out the track now over at So Young Magazine.