ALTHOUGH we may be embroiled in the dead of winter, that has in no way deterred the exuberant and sundrenched sound of Edinburgh’s VISTAS.

Set to support The Vegan Leather at their hotly anticipated Hogmanay show, the band have continued to demonstrate their vivacity and knack for catchy pop songs on ‘Retrospect.’

Rendered in a suitably 80’s synth pop aesthetic that befits its title and lyrical notions of harking back to a simpler time, their latest offering is an exercise in creating indie-pop that is inherently danceable without dispensing with substance. Espousing an ever-growing confidence that can be charted in their progression in recent times, the track’s rollicking midway point breakdown makes it clear that they’re feeling comfortable in their collective skin and it recalls the exhilerating feel of Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History era. 

Listen to the new track below: