EVER since they came raring out of the gates with the punk rock bombast of ‘Natalie’, Voodoos have been on the fast-track to the summit of Scotland’s bustling music scene. No stranger to jam-packed gigs in their native Glasgow or coveted festival slots, the group have continued to come into their own in recent months and create a formulation that sets them apart from their cavalcade of contemporaries.

In keeping with the contrarian spirit that’s exuded from all of their material to date, the four piece have turned their hand to socio-political matters on ‘NRA’.

Much like Joe Strummer felt compelled to declare that ‘I’m So Bored With The USA’, this Glasgow four piece have grown weary of the 24 hour news cycle’s seemingly endless rundown of gun violence and mass murder in the alleged ‘land of the free’. Commonly known as the acronym for the National Rifle Association, Voodoos’ latest effort is a riotous critique of the titular organisation and the right wing commentariat’s deflective attitude in reference to America’s percieved “right to bear arms.”

Delivered with scorn and sheer bewilderment towards the nation’s ideological antiquity, it compiles all of the punchiness and punk-based tenacity of their earlier work and transposes it to a hot button issue of the day. As to why they took this stance, vocalist and guitarist Piero Marcuccilli simply believes that we as humans cannot stand idly by and let this insanity persist:

“The song is about the US government showing reluctance to do something drastic to protect children. It’s a view from the perspective of young people that don’t live in America and it’s a view which I believe is widely held. We aren’t the most politically vocal band on the planet but I think it’s a fairly important topic and people need to talk about it.”

Check out the track ahead of its release on all streaming platforms tomorrow and catch the band live at Stag & Dagger, Blackthorn Festival and the newly re-homed Electric Fields Festival in the coming months: