LONDON alternative outfit Wild Palms have announced details of their new single to be taken from their second album Live Together, Eat Each Other.

‘A Is For Apple’ is a haunting venture the into ambient/electro alternative scene. Shades of The xx flicker through; ‘minimalist experimental’ reverby instrumentals, soft vocal harmonies and all.

The beauty however, lies in the subtleties of this new track. Minor tweaks and twists spring to life seamlessly, owing itself to some fantastic production and attention to layering on the record.

The lyrics draw a lot on the elongated process of mapping out and recording the forthcoming release; five years on from their debut ‘Until Spring’. Expressions of being ‘cemented’ and yearning to ‘stay inside’ reflect on the band’s tight-knit situation of stretching the songs on the new album out to their full potential. Vocalist Lou Hill has said ‘it was like the whole thing was a process of consumption and reconstitution’.

‘A Is For Apple’ will be released through One Little Indian Records on Friday 3rd June 2016.

Pre-order the album ‘Live Together, Eat Each Other’ here. Listen to the new track below: