ONE Hundred Percent Suave is the third full length effort from Dundee outsider’s Fat Goth. Out via Hefty Dafty the album races through the off-kilter hard rock sound we’ve come to expect from the three piece. Highlights include ‘Sweet Mister Scary’, a track that wouldn’t feel out of place on Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R and the sweetly named ‘The Stevie Nicks Method’. Fat Goth are a band that have honed their sound clearly, this record though doesn’t leave much room for development, except possibly for a softer more melodic touch on ‘Class A’ and ‘Caligynephobia’, each track would be at home on previous efforts.

Sonically the album holds up well, guttural guitars and manic drums pull the record through low points, displaying a genuinely impressive rhythm section . The vocals hold up well throughout, they do run the risk of being somewhat testing, but maybe that’s what makes this band so alluring, the frantic outsiderness, uncompromising attitude and the humorous existentialism make for what a great underground rock band should be – wild.

An album well placed from a city that is beginning to have a knack for the dark side, One Hundred Percent Suave cements Fat Goth at the helm. With a press release claiming this is a record for “all the losers, freaks and weirdos out there looking for proper meaty, ball hair raising rock”, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Cool record.