WE’VE been close. We’ve followed from pretty much day one. By we, I refer to Tenement TV and our audience. Let’s take it back to March 2013. A mile stone for both TTV and Hector. It was the first ever Tenement Trail. There was a buzz around Glasgow and in particularly, the band. The ticket desks in The Art School were full of passing comments on the band: “have you heard of Hector Bizerk? I’m going to see them in Broadcast later….” “Let’s go see Hector Bizerk, I’ve heard it’s mental!” And it was. It was packed out too. They grabbed the audience by the balls like they always do. They spoke to the crowd, spoke a truth. A truthful reality of Glasgow and life and inspired while they were at it. It was real. It was Hector Bizerk.

Bagging massive milestones along the way; T in the Park, a heartbeat of Scottish music and truthful freedom of speech, rave album review, nominations, merging talents, collaborations, tackling personal demons head on like only a proud man could, love and everything in-between.

And today sees the band reach another milestone. They’re about to unleash their forth album in their hometown. One of their biggest gigs to date in The Art School. Limited tickets are still available if you are fast, visit here.

The world’s just lost one legend, the purple icon himself, Prince. As the tributes around the world flood in of how his music is the reason they have friends, fell in love, got through a tough time, a loss….. it’s fitting that Hector Bizerk’s music will bring together a community tonight for those exact reasons.

Hector Bizerk, we’ll watch you to continually rise, prosper and give the gift of music. Here’s some of our favourite times with the band: