getting off to a flying start during its inaugural year in 2013, it seems as though there’s little doubt that International Cassette Store Day is here to stay and it’d be logical for any music lover to get themselves on board.

Featuring a tantalising mix of limited cassette runs of albums as well as a plethora of specially commissioned releases and compilations, its a day which appeals to the collector spirit of fans all over the world.

Set to take place this weekend and with many esteemed artists and labels on board, here’s our top picks for the UK’s incarnation of International Cassette Store Day.

Gengahr- A Dream Outside

One of the most vibrant and essential debut LP’s of the year, London based outfit Gengahr made quite an emphatic statement upon the sumptuous A Dream Outside. Markedly inventive and not willing to cast off the shackles of alt-rock and expose their eccentricities, tracks such as ‘She’s A Witch’ and ‘Powder’ have became staples in the ear canals of thousands over the course of the year. What better way to demonstrate your adoration for their debut than by picking up a limited edition cassette?

Girl Band- Holding Hands With Jamie

Hailing from Dublin, Girl Band have been touted as one of the most madcap punk bands of the modern era ever since being snapped up by revered tastemakers Rough Trade. Showing their promise on previous EP ‘The Early Years’, Girl Band lost not a drop of their ferocity and drive when putting together Holding Hands With Jamie, their discordant yet glorious debut album. If you’re looking for something that you can’t stand idly by and appreciate but rather will get in your face and demand every ounce of your attention then this is the one for you.

The Maccabees- Marks To Prove It

A band that genuinely seem as though evolving their sound isn’t a choice but more of a key feature of their ethos, The Maccabees have crafted something special once again with fourth LP Marks To Prove It. An album that has appealed to both their established fanbase and beyond due to incredible compositions such as ‘Spit It Out’, ‘WW1 Portraits’ and its absolutely gripping title track, commemorate the band’s latest (and arguably finest) evolution with a limited edition cassette version.

Fuzzkill Records- Now That’s What I Call Music 666 Volume 2

Indisputably one of the finest independent labels in not only Scotland but the UK as a whole, Fuzzkill Records has built its stellar reputation on consistently putting out records from incredible yet underexposed artists. A pivotal platform that assisted the rise of bands such as Catholic Action and Deathcats to a great degree, the second volume of their Now That’s What I Call Music 666 series features not only the aforementioned bands but a myriad of talent such as Sweaty Palms, New Swears, Asian Babes and a whole host of others. 

Radio Soulwax- Hardcore Or Die

While it may not be one for the punk purist, Radio Soulwax’s Hardcore Or Die is an awe-inspiring mix that is sure to energise anyone that experiences its amazing overview of the infamous genre. Re-imagining and splicing together material from acts such as Bad Brains, The Germs, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, FEAR, Crass and Black Flag, Hardcore Or Die is something which genuinely must be heard to be in any way comprehended.

International Cassette Store Day will take place on Saturday 17th October. Check out the official website for all participating stores.