LET’S talk about misogyny, music and this messed-up beautiful world.

“Men are scared that women will laugh at them. Women are scared that men will kill them,” sings Courtney Barnett on her latest banging track ‘Nameless Faceless’. These words may not be her own, yet the sincere, pure and beautiful borrowing of the wonderfully brilliant author and feminist Margaret Atwood couldn’t be more perfect in 2018. It couldn’t be more relevant.

Let’s be frank. Misogyny in music isn’t a myth, it exists. A girl in a band will be faced with countless questions on “how it feels to be a woman in music” and how “she deals with working in a male-dominated industry” and those same indiscreet nightmares happen for the sound engineers, writers, photographers and beyond. It’s very raw, it’s very real, it’s not very 2018.

As I use this article as a state of reflection, thinking back to how I felt and who I was writing this feature in 2017, 2016 and even 2015; what strikes me most is the power of women is fully charged in 2018, the voice of women is stronger and the passion is riper.

We are not women in music. She’s not a girl in a band. We are simply ladies who happen to make a career in the music industry, just like the men do.

2018 is an important time. We await patiently on a time when discrimination is entirely absent from our lives and until then, I suppose we’ve got the music.

This International Women’s Day and in our annual TTV feature, we’ve created a kick-ass playlist featuring a list of the most inspiring women / biggest female anthems, who all just happen to be fucking brilliant at making music for you to enjoy. Play it loud.