KING TUT’S is set to host the return of a nineties pop veteran next week when Steven Page arrives in Glasgow to play his first live show in the city for ten years. Widely known as the frontman of Canadian icons Barenaked Ladies, the singer has firmly established his identity as a solo artist since leaving the band in 2009 and returns to the UK with a career-spanning set full of classic hits and fresh material.

Having formed the Barenaked Ladies alongside Ed Robertson, Steven Page was the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter of the group – responsible for inescapable hits such as ‘One Week’, If I Had $1,000,000’ and ‘Brian Wilson’ before they ultimately became known all over the world for their contribution to the hit US TV series The Big Bang Theory. At the peak of their powers, the band toured the globe, played to millions of people and won multiple awards before Page left under a dark cloud in 2009.

To fly solo after decades in a wildly successful outfit would be a tough task for any musician, but Page has continued his artistic evolution with a diverse array of solo projects over the years that have not only signalled the extent of his drive and ambition, but have reinforced his abilities as a songwriting craftsman. While writing, releasing and performing his own music, the enigmatic frontman has also composed theatrical scores, collaborated and toured with an ensemble and worked as a TV host. Now with a number of solo albums under his album, including last year’s opus Heal Thyself, Part 1: Instinct, he is ready to return to UK shores to perform for the first time in a decade; much to the delight of his avid fanbase.

Known for his upbeat live shows and fun, infectious pop tunes, Page’s songwriting continues to display a disarming honesty that is buoyed by a wicked sense of humour. And with the King Tut’s shows just over a week away, he has promised a plethora of material from all three solo albums alongside classics from his Barenaked Ladies days. It’s a set that will surely go down a storm with his long-standing fans.

Citing Glasgow as one of his favourite places to play, it is perhaps no surprise that tickets have flown out for Page’s first gig on 1st November given his connection with the city and the venue itself – the frontman has spoken on many occasions about how King Tut’s was the first venue the band played outside of North America where the audience sang along with their songs. A moment that has stuck with him forever there seems no better place to mark his  return to Scotland than the hallowed stage at King Tut’s.

While tickets have sold out for 1st November, you can still buy tickets for the second date on 2nd November here.