record store day studio party ttvhq crash clubTENEMENT TV are always keen to shine a light on the many different sides of the Scottish music scene, so it’s only right that this year’s Tenement Trail should boast the kind of eclectic lineup that is reflective of the huge range of talent currently emerging from the country’s thriving industry.

Offering something for everyone; whether a fan of rock’n’roll, electronica, hip-hop, punk or dance, this year’s lineup covers all kinds of genres across a whole day of high-quality acts that no music fan will want to miss.

With this in mind, we’ve made some suggestions of the best bands to check out for those looking for certain genres of music. Today, we’re looking at the electronic and synth-pop, a part of Scotland’s music scene that is continuing to grow with a number of exciting new bands gaining a lot of well-deserved attention. Offering plenty of good time vibes with promises to live up to the party atmosphere, check out some of the best electronic and synth-pop acts on show below:

Crash Club

We’ve already shown you what Crash Club are capable of with a video of their raucous late night set at last year’s Trail, proving them to be an unmissable live act. This year’s set is sure to incite the same kind of passion and riotous atmosphere from the crowds as they once again bring their captivating, muscular, forward-thinking sound to the event. Expect plenty of infectious electronic beats, pulsating synths and bounds of energy.

Other Humans

Other Humans have spent their short time together perfecting their craft and developing into a formidable live act. With a distinctive eighties inspired synth-pop sound, they come armed with the kind of arena-ready choruses, singalong refrains and addictive riffs that bands like The Killers would be proud of. A band who continue to impress with each live show, this will be a good chance to see them before they inevitably get bigger and bigger.

The Vegan Leather
If you’re looking for a dance and a good time, then The Vegan Leather are for you; these guys put on a show full of infectious energy that is impossible not to love. Fusing a number of genres together to great effect, they are able to call on a number of classic new wave and electronic influences while remaining completely modern and refreshing at the same time. The four-piece possess a compelling stage presence as they layer funky guitar riffs, kaleidoscopic synths and imposing percussion with exhilarating results. Ambitious, experimental, eccentric and loads of fun; not to be missed.

A relatively new outfit, this Edinburgh quartet have certainly impressed with their output so far. Latest single ‘Zurich’ has built on the success of their debut offering ‘Shake’ as they look to be carving out a signature sound based around uplifting pop melodies, soaring atmospherics and sparkling synths. With a number of influences, both past and present, the four-piece look set to gain a firm footing in Scotland’s ever-growing synth pop scene with a sound that can only be described as massive. A band that many people are starting to take notice of, this will be a chance to see one of Scotland’s emerging talents at the beginning of their journey.

Ava Love

Another new band to grace Scotland’s thriving music scene, Ava Love grabbed our attention with the release of their debut track ‘Subterranean’ earlier this month. Much like the other acts mentioned above, they wear their eighties influences on their sleeve while offering something decidedly fresh and instantly gripping. Exuding a zealous energy with lively guitars and vibrant vocals, this is a band who appear to have the ambitions and confidence to match their massive sound. Sure to have plenty more big pop hooks under their belt, their sound will surely transfer into an similarly dynamic live set.


Bringing more variety to this year’s Trail is HQFU, aka Sarah J. Stanley. Having previously been known for her folk music, it looks like Stanley’s switch to electronica has certainly paid off. Following the release of her debut album earlier in the year, she has gained a reputation for being a must-see live act, often leaving her audiences in awe with her live shows. Influenced by nineties dance tracks, she combines live vocals with dreamy melodies, elevating beats and synthesisers; moving effortlessly between full-on rave rhythms and swelling moments of euphoria.


At long last releasing their debut album after a string of great singles and EP’s, the future continues to look blindingly bright for Phoria in the wake of Volition’s release earlier in the year.

Blending traditional instrumentation with a maelstrom of inviting electronica, the Brighton based band harbour a sound like no other and it’s this fervent creativity that has led them to an extensive tour of Germany,  support slots with Bat For Lashes across Europe and sharing festival bills with the pioneers that inspired them at events such as Latitude and Together The People in Preston.

Mixing ambience with everything from undertones of R&B to euphoric techno, we’re ecstatic to welcome this ambitious five piece to the dear green place in a mere matter of weeks.