WITH a line-up that covers a whole range of genres and styles from the innovative to the stripped back, this year’s Tenement Trail has been curated with a wide spectrum of music fans in mind. At the very heart of it though, lies an appreciation for good old fashioned rock & roll and exhilarating punk music.

With the UK currently bursting at the seams with exhilarating guitar bands, it would only be right to shine a light on some of the best rock music the nation has to offer. Watching it come alive in a sweaty packed-out venue full of like-minded passionate individuals and a thunderous atmosphere is often a great reminder of what made the genre such an indomitable force in the first place. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted some of the best guitar bands that are worth checking out at our inner-city festival on 12th October.


We can’t think of an act who are more ready to headline Trail than Ayrshire trio Fatherson. Having worked their way up from some of the country’s most intimate venues, the band have now played to massive crowds all over the UK and beyond and have grown a hugely passionate fanbase along the way. Crafting hugely emotive and cathartic indie-rock tunes, the band released their finest record to date ‘The Sum of All Our Parts’ last year and their headline slot at the world-famous Barrowlands will have plenty of singalong, anthemic moments to remember.

Dream Wife

A firm favourite on the UK festival circuit, Dream Wife are easily one of the finest live acts around at the moment. The band unveiled their debut album last year and it certainly justified all the hype, packed full sharp melodic punk tunes, endless charisma and fuelled by a fierce, fiery attitude. The live arena is where the band really shine though and with a powerfully engaging frontwoman in Rakel Mjoll, expect the crowd to go wild for their empowering anthems.

Baby Strange

Baby Strange are near Tenement Trail veterans, having appeared at the festival’s debut back in 2013 and again in 2017. Six years after their first appearance and Glasgow’s premier punk outfit are back to headline BAaD as Trail moves to the east end of Glasgow for the first time. Still known to incite mass mayhem at their thrilling live shows, Trail 2019 could be an opportunity to see some new material from Baby Strange as they too enter another new chapter.


Set to appear at the world-famous Barrowlands alongside big-hitters like Dream Wife, The Magic Gang and Fatherson, Trail 2019 will be another massive milestone for Vida who only a couple of years ago were opening up Broadcast with a modest early afternoon slot. It shows just how far the band have come since 2016, cultivating an incredible word of mouth following that has catapulted them from local underground favourites to the forefront of a resurgent UK indie rock scene. Matching their appreciation for 90s Britpop with hugely melodic and anthemic choruses, it’s no surprise that Vida have struck a chord with fans of that era.


Prepare for a sonic assault of epic proportions if you make it down to see Shredd on the lower level of the Barrowlands. When it comes to producing loud, ferocious, brain-meltingly intense garage-rock, few bands in Scotland have perfected the art like Shredd. There are no half measures when bringing the trio’s colossus sound to life  – thunderous drums meet massive sounding basslines which meet even bigger reverb-heavy guitars. It’s a glorious concoction that gives their now renowned live shows a volcanic energy.


Drenge re-emerged from the shadows earlier this year with a bold and daring new record called ‘Strange Creatures’. When the two Loveless brothers first appeared in 2012 with their sludgy riffs and acerbic lyrics, they grew quite a serious cult following all over the UK and have since then taken their sound into even darker and more intriguing territories. Bristling with ideas, the duo revel in nocturnal sounds and dark, surreal storytelling and they’re sure to bring an electric atmosphere to this year’s Trail.


Even when flanked by flourishing talents on all sides, Glasgow’s Gallus have routinely proven themselves to have a spark of ingenuity that separates them from the pack. Keen to prod at the perceived parameters of the modern indie & punk landscape in order to fashion something that feels pertinent rather than passe, the band’s innate drive has paid off ever since we first platformed them with ‘Nice’ in March of last year. Led by their formidable frontman Barry Dolan, the band’s incendiary live show is known to be as unpredictable as it is highly enthralling.

The Roly Mo

Another band who have cut their teeth in Glasgow’s punk haven The Priory supporting the likes of Baby Strange, Gallus and The Dunts along the way, The Roly Mo are part of the next wave of bands who look set to follow in their footsteps. Blending punk with indie sensibilities, they’ve already got a number of bangers behind them such as ‘Cuttin’ About’ and ‘If You Play Nice’.

Paris Street Rebels

The winners of this year’s Tenement Trail competition, Paris Street Rebels beat off hundreds of hopeful artists and will open this year’s festival at BAaD. With a distinctly raw and gutsy attitude, the band harness the sound of the 1970s punk explosion with a modern indie flare. Bursting straight out of Fife, it’s a sound that’s not only drenched in swagger and attitude but it also has real meaning at its core.

Calva Louise

Two years on from their last appearance at Trail, Calva Louise are back in Glasgow following the release of their debut album earlier this year. One part English, one part Māori and one part Venezuelan, the international three-piece are a force of nature and are known to generate a power of noise onstage through a combination of skilled musicianship and sheer enthusiasm. Brimming with influences from punk to garage to rock, their coming of age anthems and overdriven riffage will bring out the riotous individual in every soul. Appearing on a very strong line-up of rock and punk acts at BAaD, they are fresh, unpredictable and truly infectious.

Tongue Trap

With a unique commentary on modern life and a riotous sense of humour, Tongue Trap instil their grungy anthems with themes that range from female health to the human condition. After starting out at Girls Rock School in Edinburgh in 2015, the band have come a long away, fully embracing a DIY punk attitude and are now a regular on the local live circuit. Expect plenty of fizzing anthems and a raw 90s spirit.


Set to appear at brand new venue Van Winkles, Freakwave may be a relatively fresh face to Glasgow’s ever-growing music scene but they have already many an impression with a series of captivating live shows around the city. Taking influence from the various alternative scenes that have peppered the indie music map of the world of the last twenty to thirty years, they are known to drift from faster, punk-inspired sounds to the more subdued elements of early 90s American indie and shoegaze. With no recorded music available to the public just yet, Trail is a prime opportunity to check them out.

Kid Kapichi

With a few prominent support slots and regular radio airplay, Kid Kapichi have found themselves at the forefront of the recent UK indie resurgence since 2018. For fans of Kasabian, Slaves, Frank Carter and more, the rock heavyweights pull no punches and recently released a massive EP called ‘Sugar Tax’. Explosive riffs come together with earworm melodies, dual vocals and defiant social commentary to create an absolutely ferocious live show.

Savage Mansion

Savage Mansion have been crafting wonderful power pop melodies through a layer of dreamy fuzz for a while now but they truly excelled with the release of their debut album ‘Revision Ballads’ earlier this year. The band is a vehicle for the songs written by lead singer and guitarist Craig Angus, who usually plays with a revolving cast of musicians, and he manages to cover an impressive amount of ground, from power pop to loud, raucous rock & roll on his debut record. With influences such as Pavement, Neil Young and Parquet Courts to name a few, Savage Mansion produce memorable songs with great heart, soul and urgency.