TENEMENT TRAIL 2022 is just days away, with thousands of music fans set to descend on Glasgow’s East End to check out the nation’s most exciting new bands and artists.

With a jam-packed line-up that offers something for everyone, it’ll be a hard task to decide just who to catch on the day. So, to make your decision-making that little bit easier, we spoke to some Tenement Trail heroes of the past to find out who’ll be top of their lists.

Featuring Tenement Trail 2019 headliners Fatherson, Trail veterans Baby Strange, fast-risers Swim School and more, check out their top picks below.

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FATHERSON (Ross Leighton)

Uninvited – really love the vibe and what they’ve been putting out recently, I think they’ll play a great show!

Siv Jakobsen – The most heart breaking lot beautiful songs, I think Siv is so awesome I’ll definitely be going to see her!

Vistas – Love this band, they’ve been absolutely smashing it out on the road this year and their new single ‘Back of the car’ is heavy class!

BABY STRANGE (Johnny Madden)

The Big Day – One of the acts playing that currently have no music out, but a lot of buzz. They’re a fantastic live act with big songs and a big vision that nod to people like Talking Heads, David Bowie & Early Simple Minds but with a modern twist.

Joshua Grant – His early stuff doesn’t reflect the artist he has become more recently, his last 2 releases do though. He’s went from chilled acoustic bedroom tracks to high octane, pop punk with huge choruses played with a full band. Defintley one to watch.

Straid – I seen them at King Tuts recently and was blown away, especially by their newer stuff. They’re a really exciting band with a great live show. I can see them moving up the ranks and playing the bigger venues in the near future.


Washington – An artist with unbelievable potential & one who is making amazing music. Also someone who is creating his own path in the rap culture. Go see everyone on that line up actually. From Kiko to Mayo to Cara and Queen Millz, it’s a solid line up. Solid choice.

Uninvited – A band that I have had the pleasure to see live. Amazing music, even better performance. Defo defo a must see.

Rianne Downey- voice of 7 angels. Sensational performer too. Defo go see them.

Honourable mentions also go to Gallus, Katuns and Callum Bowie.


Humour – we love the sound they are producing, such a nice band and are class live too

No Windows – they have loads of potential and we are very excited to see where they go, I love their sound and imagine, the vocals are class and the guitarist is so talented

HighSchool – we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them a few times at festivals we have played together, they are such a cool band who are going to be big.

VLURE (Conor Goldie) 

The Big Day – Personally, I am so excited for this show. The Big Day have been making live moves for the past year and will be the next ones from Glasgow to blow up. I have no doubt about that. It’s an incredible live show they put on, Ryan is a main stage front person with a knack for perfect pop penmanship and huge hooks. Great people, doing great things. Go see them.

Kiko – Kiko supported us at our King Tut’s headline earlier this year. For someone his age he brings an unreal amount of energy, he commands a stage. There’s hooks and intelligent beats behind it all too. Glasgow’s rap scene really has some future stars bubbling at the moment.

Humour – I really love these guys. The best post punk Scotland has to offer. Their first few releases have been so exciting, and it’s been a pleasure to watch it play out for them. Great people again, making great music.

I’d like to add: this was a really hard list to choose. There are so many amazing acts playing, a lot of friends we’ve grown with, and a lot of acts we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. You’ll also find us in the crowd at Highschool, Gallus, Man of Moon, Noise, Dead Pony, Pleasure Heads and The Dinner Party. We’re really excited for the return of TT, what it means for the scene in Glasgow is quite frankly immeasurable.