SOMETIMES words aren’t enough to capture the atmosphere, spark, fire and passion of an event. That’s something we’ve discovered in our quest to tell the story of Tenement Trail. The loyal fans get it. They’re there for doors opening and the last ones at the afterparty some 12 hours later. They’ve been counting down the weeks until TTV takes over Glasgow for over 12 hours of live music around the city, they’re part of it.

If you’re new to TTV or indeed Tenement Trail, in today’s TT SPOTLIGHT feature we’ve got just the thing to paint that picture.

Filmed by a fan during Crash Club’s late night set in Flat 0/1 in 2015, we’re throwing it back with a video that really captures the essence and atmosphere of the gigs at Tenement Trail. They’re raw, wild and filled with like-minded music lovers who are at the heart of everything we do at Tenement TV. Crowd surfing, hands in the air, sweat on the walls, excitement fills the room. Crash Club really set this venue alight in the small hours of TT15. We can’t wait to watch them do it again this year.

Watch the video for yourself below. Bag your ticket for the 8th October now via this link. All those who purchase a ticket before Saturday 24th September at 12:00 noon will be emailed an exclusive invite (including a plus 1 guest) to our pre-party this Saturday featuring Crash Club on the decks in Broadcast.

Come discover new music, the next big thing, the exciting bands already making a dent in the scene. Come share good times in some of Glasgow’s best live music venues with the people that make Scotland’s music landscape such an exciting space. See you down the front…