ttv discover radarONCE again we’ve been absolutely inundated with lots of fresh sounds that are tailor made for your enjoyment and we’re duty bound to deliver them to you. Spanning a number of different genres and niches, these are the new artists and releases that’s it’s a necessity for you to be listening to this week.

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West (Scotland)

An impassioned track overflowing with non-confirmity and reluctance to accept the current trajectory of the world, Declan Welsh’s latest effort ‘No Pasaran’ is a righteously angry affair that draws influence from the Spanish Civil War. Rejecting the onset of fascism in all its forms over a backdrop of menacing guitar,the track builds to a frantic conclusion which embodies the urgency of this message in these modern times.

Callum Easter (Scotland)

Hailing from Edinburgh, Callum Easter is an artist that puts forth a nuanced and unique style that’s sure to attract many new listeners as he continues to expand his palette. An alternative love song which is delivered in a unique brogue, his new single ‘Feeling’s Gone’ is incredibly inventive in its composition and stands the musician in good stead going forward.


Hulking rock ‘n’ roll which shakes the foundations and lures you into their murky world, Big Spring’s latest single ‘5th Of July’ is the sound of a band with high-minded ambitions. Impeccably produced to maximise the effectiveness of its massive riffs and grungy vocals, ‘5th Of July’ has all the hallmarks of a band with undeniable crossover appeal.

JETSAM (Scotland)

A stalwart of Scotland’s hip-hop scene that’s also known under the name of Konchis, Jetsam has had an incredibly productive year and has delivered swathes of new music on an almost monthly basis. Clearly in the midst of a particularly creative period in his career, this is made clear not only by the volume of music which he’s making available to the public but also the fantastic quality of it.  An invigorating, electronica-based affair, his new EP Overbored is laden with entrancing beats and melodies which contain so much to discover when you dig under the surface.