AMID all of the massive gig announcements, sessions and breaking news, we at TTV feel an obligation to lead you by the hand through the chaotic sphere of modern music. New genres, innovations and subcultures are springing up at a rate of knots and it’s imperative that you never miss an artist or song  that could  irrevocably change your life for the better.

Ranging from the best of our local scenes to artists from further flung parts of the world, here’s the essential tracks that you need to hear this week.


Incendiary in every sense of the word, Rascalton have laid waste to every venue that they’ve descended upon over the past year and have well and truly staked their claim as one of Glasgow’s finest bands. Loaded with undeterred ferocity from the very first second that its electrifying guitar jolts into life, the fast-rising four piece comment on the world’s festering state with a Libertines inspired quick wit and a refreshing disregard for anyone who isn’t prepared to realise that they’ve got a very prosperous road ahead of them.

Marnie- Lost Maps

Widely recognised as the lead vocalist of well-respected synthpop outfit Ladytron, it is only right that Glasgow’s Helen Marnie should get similar waves of attention for her captivating work as a solo artist. Having re-emerged as simply Marnie, new single ‘Lost Maps’ is the exhilarating first taste of what to expect from her new album Strange Words And Weird Wars. 

Is there anybody out there speaking the truth? Don’t believe what they tell you” the singer declares over crushing percussion and dazzling synthesisers. Building up to a cathartic release on the chorus, it’s a powerful and sophisticated composition that pairs her hook-laden melodies with a deeply stirring edge.

Pangea- Something Bad

Emanating from Liverpool, Pangea are a band whose sound is a fascinating juxtaposition. Culling influence from the decadent days of disco and Studio 54 with  a succession of riffs that Nile Rodgers  would nod to approvingly whilst also harbouring similarities to summery indie pop, new single ‘Something Bad’ is custom built to get people moving and is sure to do exactly that when performed live.

Breakfast Muff- Babyboomers

Slated for release as part of an upcoming 7″ via Amour Foo, Glasgow’s Breakfast Muff have authoritatively resurfaced with the chaotic ‘Babyboomers.’ Among their most cacophonous and alluringly fractured pieces of work, its noise-laden sound mirrors the unrest which is embedded in its central message. Incensed by the older generation’s blatant lack of compassion for the younger generation that’s been thrown into disarray by misguided descisions that are outwith their control, ‘Babyboomers’ is frenetic, unkempt and everything we’ve come to look forward to from the trio.

The Black Angels- Half Believing 

American psychedelic pioneers The Black Angels have made a career out of constantly delivering some of the most mind-expanding music this side of the summer of love and it appears that their forthcoming record Death Song will follow this tradition. Following the unveiling of the fantastic ‘Currency’, the Austin outfit have delivered yet another engross sonic brew in the form of the sinister ‘Half Believing.’

Lucid and unsettling, the latest track is a testament to the band’s constantly replenished well of inspiration and their ability to hold the listener within their grasp long after the meticulous instrumentation has drawn to an enigmatic conclusion.