MAY is upon us and the steady stream of tremendous new music that’s regularly seeping into our ears refuses to dissipate as 2017 progresses. Ranging from the finest local talent to international talent that demands your immediate attention, New Music Radar provides us with the perfect opportunity to compile the very best that’s making its way into our consciousness and will hopefully act as a conduit for you to find your new favourite artists. With no dip in quality week to week, it is a process that leaves us awestruck as to how much great music is emerging in 2017. Comprised of bands blossoming from our own fertile soil to those from distant lands, here’s this week’s finest new tracks.

Bluebirds- Subcultural Love


Premiered right here on TTV, this decadent ode to the ludicrousness of the modern world’s convoluted divisions and inner-city tribalism is one that will reside in the annals of your mind for a long time after its pungent guitars fall silent. The sound of modern discontent condensed into five minutes of menacing guitars and devilish proclamations, the track positions the band as the sort of provocateurs that are all too sparse in modern rock ‘n’ roll.

JR Green- For The Wild

A band whose distinctive and entirely unique sound left its indelible mark upon the arrival of their Bring The Witch Doctor EP, Jr Green have continued to attest to this early promise with every carefully thought out step forward. Recently leaving critics and industry insiders in raptures during their Wide Days showcase performance, their latest offering ‘For The Wild’ is a sumptuous indie-folk number that swells with unadulterated emotion and alluring sincerity.

Babeheaven- Your Love

West-London has long been a hotbed of exciting and fiercely original talent which are criteria that can most definitely be ascribed to the fantastic Babeheaven. Delivering emphatically with early work such as ‘Friday Sky’ and ‘Moving On’, the band have arrived in earnest with the gorgeous ‘Your Love.’ Traditional balladry infused with hints of the electronic-tinged R&B sound that has catapulted acts such as Sampha and James Blake to an entirely new plateau, their latest  Deem Spencer-assisted offering will appeal to both the head and the heart.

Neon Waltz- Heavy Heartless

Uprooting from their rural hometown of Caithness in order to make their presence known on the world stage, Neon Waltz’ anthemic brand of alt-rock has continued to amaze at every turn. Drenched in the multi-faceted splendour that separates their sound from anyone else plying their trade today, their unique appeal remains firmly intact on the stunning ‘Heavy Heartless.’ Infusing the serenity of shoegaze’s stalwarts with the anthemic flourishes of indie rock, Neon Waltz continue to be one of the most formidable bands to have spawned in Scotland over the last decade and the prospect of a fully fledged record from them is absolutely tantalising.

Okey Dokey- Either Or, It’s All The Same

Emanating from the vibrant music city of Nashville, Okey Dokey is a fantastic new proposition comprised of members from Sol Cat, The Weeks, Bully and more. Taken  from their upcoming debut album Love You, Mean It,  the invigorating sound of ‘Either Or, It’s All The Same’ has left us pining for more from this outfit. The product of the band’s core members Aaron Martin and Jonny Fisher, this latest offering is a pristine piece of psych pop that is built upon stirring vocal performances that avoid falling into the plaintive delivery that many of the genre’s band deem to be a necessity. Thrilling in every sense, we await their forthcoming full-length with eagerness.