WE’RE teetering precariously close to the onset of summer and with that comes the arrival of the glorious time that is regularly referred to as ‘festival season.’ In this brief layover between now and when revelers will be taking to fields, cities and parks in their droves to experience music in the splendour of the great outdoors, it’s vital to ensure that you’re up to date with every song that you may need to guide you through the long summer nights and subsequent hangovers that are sure to arrive with a vengeance.

Featuring artists that will be striding on to these festival stages and those that will ply their trade in raucous, sweat-drenched venues throughout the course of the warmer months, here’s the crucial tracks that have arrived over the past week.

Louis Berry- 25 Reasons

Known for a sound that has hallmarks of the genesis of rock ‘n’ roll but with a distinct flavour that separates it from any form of homage,Louis Berry has proven exactly why he’s earmarked for such resounding success with his new single ’25 Reasons.’

A track that recalls whiskey soaked liaisons in smoky bars, Berry’s latest work is a celebratory affair that exudes the sort of raucous energy that has made him such an imposing figure in the live arena. Demonstrating impeccable songwriting craft and a brand of grit-filled charisma that resonates from his guitar playing and vocals all at once, now is the time to acquaint yourself with this hot prospect before he’s a permanent fixture in the UK’s musical landscape.

EAT FAST- Immortal Kombat

Preparing to embark on an excursion to Brighton for The Great Escape this weekend, it’s likely that the lo-fi ferocity of EAT FAST is sure to earn them plenty of new converts at the UK’s biggest new music conference. Emanating from Newcastle, the band’s rough and ready sound may seem malicious in intent but beneath it lies an undeniable pop sensibility that creates a striking juxtaposition. With their new EP scheduled to arrive on Friday, its title track ‘Immortal Kombat’ is a volatile burst of energy that shines through with squalling guitars and infuriatingly catchy refrains.

Sheer Mag- Just Can’t Get Enough

Amassing a rabid cult following that continues to grow on an almost daily basis, Sheer Mag have all the makings of a genuine phenomenon and with very good reason. After compiling their three early EP’s into a thrilling compilation, the Philadelphia rockers are back with authority on the immensely entertaining ‘Just Can’t Get Enough.’ At once an exhilarating number that is in line with classic rock’s most revered stalwarts and yet potent in a way that is more akin to the cataclysmic arrival of a pioneering punk band, every fuzz-laden second of the first track from their hotly anticipated Need To Feel Your Love appeals to the head, heart and soul of anyone that has experienced the thrill of a new romance at its highest point.

The tendency when a band this special arrives is to reach for the hyperbolic proclamations but it’s abundantly clear that there will be a lot of expectant ears waiting to devour their forthcoming debut when it arrives.

Kid Trench- The Big Hop

Despite being in the formative stages of his career, there’s a considerable buzz that is swirling around the head of the ambitious young man known as Kid Trench. Seemingly harbouring a virtuosic knowledge of how to put together a pop song that manages to be accessible and immediate without feeling the need to dumb things down, he has conjured up an immensely attention-grabbing sound on new offering ‘The Big Hop.’ Demonstrative of why he’s already attracted the attention of BBC Introducing and support slots with rising stars such as Clean Cut Kid, it is a heavy hitting affair that teasingly lifts up the pop sheen and gives us a glimpse into a dark underbelly that lurks below.

Breakfast Muff- R U A FEMINIST 

A band that has routinely impressed with every twist and turn along the way, Glasgow’s very own Breakfast Muff are  more defiant and pungent than ever on the seething ‘R U A FEMINIST.’ Taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Eurgh!’ that’s scheduled for release this summer via Amour Foo, this latest track is authentic in every sense of the word and a testament to their unique approach. Taking aim at the poseurs, hypocrites and deluded men that claim to hold feminist values until it no longer works to their advantage or they feel that they’ve been ‘aggrieved’ by women, it’s punchy, sardonic but above all important track that leaves us wondering what other barbed assessments await on their debut full length.

Courtney Barnett- How To Boil An Egg

Described as a ‘new oldsong’ by the Australian singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett has left fans elated with the release of the confessional ‘How To Boil An Egg’.

Taken from the ‘Split Singles Club’; a collaboration between her own Milk! Records and  Bedroom Suck,  Courtney’s latest offering is one that comes complete with all of the unique commentary and wry wit that we’ve came to love and expect from her material. Clearly demonstrating that she’s never deviated from the artist that she wanted to be on the path to superstardom, we can only hope that this has whet her appetite and she’ll be making a beeline back into the studio.