AS another much-needed weekend begins to make its descent upon us, it is imperative that you find yourself equipped with a new batch of tracks that can not only provide you with the propulsive rhythms that’ll get the revelry underway but also those that can soothe even the most momentous of life-altering hangovers.

After being inundated with yet another benevolent wave of incredible sounds from disparate genres, we’ve compiled the very best of the week into our latest edition of New Music Radar.

Causing a commotion all over the world with hugely infectious tunes such as ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’ and ‘Bubblegum’, Australia’s favourite retro-funk outfit Confidence Man are back with another refreshingly eccentric creation by the name of ‘Better Sit Down Boy’.

One of the most exciting outfits to burst onto our radar at The Great Escape earlier this year, this latest groove-tastic number is one more to add to their increasingly impressive repertoire. Led by feverish percussion and Janet Planet’s signature sassy catch cries, the track comes to life with one of the funkiest basslines you’ll hear all year. Exuding the frenzied energy of mid 90s dance music, Confidence Man are the band that make you want to get up and dance like no one is watching; a breath of fresh air accompanied by some high energy voltage.

Heavy Rapids- Money Is Power

Born of the smouldering ashes that were left in the wakr of The Telermen, Heavy Rapids have quickly cemented their place amid Scotland’s rising contingent of rock ‘n’ roll outfits with a combination of rapturous live shows and high-octane material that lands at the bustling crossroads between punk and indie rock.

Set to play our very own Tenement Trail in just over two weeks time, the band have demonstrated growth and ambition on new single ‘Money Is Power.’

Striding into the world with a cocksure expression as its thrilling, post-punk indebted bassline kicks the doors down, their band’s latest single is laden with the brazen guitars, off-kilter vocals and ceaseless percussion that produces a sound which harbours nods towards the lineage of Britain’s finest 21st century rock ‘n’ roll bands  including Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Expounding on the all-encompassing and manipulative nature of the pursuit of financial prosperity, the track’s riveting conclusion namechecks a number of Glasgow music scene institutions such as Control Social Club, The Priory and Baby Strange’s very own Club Sabbath.


Shambolics- Chasing A Disaster

Gradually building an immensely loyal group of followers around the UK with their shimmering take on classic indie-rock, Kirkcaldy four-piece Shambolics are back with a brand new track called ‘Chasing A Disaster’.

Straight off the back of a triumphant summer which has seen them take on some of the UK’s biggest festivals such as Reading & Leeds, Tramlines and Isle of Wight, this latest offering lives up to their burgeoning reputation as a band with heaps of potential. Echoing the spirit of The View and similar cult heroic figures while eliciting the same sunny, harmonious vibes as The La’s, Shambolics certainly know their way around an indie anthem.

Stretching to an epic six minutes in lengths, ‘Chasing A Disaster’ is a very summery number full of shimmering vocal harmonies, jangly riffs and bright and highly addictive melodies. For fans of nineties britpop and indie-rock, they’re a band who wear their influences on their sleeve whilst demonstrating the songwriting prowess and confidence of a group  ready to leave their own mark on the Scottish music scene.

Honeyblood- Swell Love 

On the day that tickets went on sale for their special Christmas show at the O2 ABC in December, Glasgow-based duo Honeyblood  shared a brand new track entitled ‘Swell Love’.

Still reaping the benefits of their critically acclaimed second album Babes Never Die which came out last year, the new single’s surprising appearance on Spotify this morning will have come as a brilliant start to the weekend for their many loyal fans around the country.  Revisiting their knack for hook-laden choruses and fuzz-laden melodies, ‘Swell Love’ finds singer Stina Tweeddale in a confessional mood, pulling no punches in her delivery as she reflects on her own failings.

Effectively building on the sharp songwriting and fierce energy that was so prevalent throughout Babes Never Die, ‘Swell Love’ is another indication that Honeyblood are quickly become one of Scotland’s next big success stories.

Fiskur- Too Slow, Too Far

Comprised of singer/songwriter Ross Clark and Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit fame, Fiskur have firmly gripped our attention with the inventive pop of debut single ‘Too Slow, Too Far.’ The first in a series of tracks thatare scheduled to emerge in the not too distant future, this opening gambit is an emotive amalgamation of icy synth pop and the deeply resonant side of alt-rock that Scotland does with such effortless efficacy. A heartfelt lament for a relationship that fell by the wayside, ‘Too Slow, Too Far’ sees Clark mark himself as an artist of captivating sincerity and candidness with every heartrending utterance.