AS we delve even deeper into an unflinchingly cold winter, it’s comforting to know that there remains an unsuppressible stream of fantastic new music making its way into our ear canals and consciousness. Featuring uproarious indie rock, vivacious electro and much more in between the abritrary lines of genre and scenes, here’s a neatly organised summation of the best new music that’s graced us with its presence this week.

The Dunts- Dimitri

An overview of what they’ve accomplished in little more than a year since they first descended upon a stage with a brash swagger and destructive intentions, The Dunts have furthered the anticipation which surrounds their debut EP’s  release as they regale us with the frantic, disconcerting guitar trip of ‘Dimitri.’

Usually reserved as the domain of the psychedelic, naval gazing side of the musical universe, the Glasgow-based outfit’s latest work conveys the unstable footpath between unbridled bliss and abject horror that mind altering substances can place you on alongside a backdrop of seething riffs and imposing vocals. Eschewing the non-confrontational vocabulary that usually paints the experience as producing a life-affirming epiphany a minute and instead focusing on the uneasy pursuit of escapism that is so vividly detailed in Hunter S Thompson’s work, ‘Dimitri’ (likely a thinly veiled reference to the hallucinogenic DMT) revels in its own guitar laden fervour and disorder to produce something that evinces the ambitiousness that’s developed in their collective headspace.

Yungblud- Tin Pan Boy 

Garnering attention from the moment he burst onto the scene earlier this year with the explosive ‘King Charles’, Yungblud has unveiled a brand new indie banger by the name of ‘Tin Pan Boy’.

Currently one of the most sought after teenagers in the UK thanks to a versatile sound that sits somewhere between Caesars, early Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Rotten, his latest single takes aim at urban redevelopment in the Denmark Street and pulls no punches. Reminiscent of Alex Turner and Jamie T in his spitfire delivery and lyrical wit, it’s another brilliantly produced, well-executed number from the young artist which fizzes with energy from start to finish.

Known to whip up a storm with every fierce live performance, it’s no wonder that Yungblud has been attracting attention from labels all over the UK.

Vistas- Retrospect

Although we may be embroiled in the dead of winter, that has in no way deterred the exuberant and sundrenched sound of Edinburgh’s VISTAS.

Set to support The Vegan Leather at their hotly anticipated Hogmanay show, the band have continued to demonstrate their vivacity and knack for catchy pop songs on ‘Retrospect.’

Rendered in a suitably 80’s synth pop aesthetic that befits its title and lyrical notions of harking back to a simpler time, their latest offering is an exercise in creating indie-pop that is inherently danceable without dispensing with substance. Espousing an ever-growing confidence that can be charted in their progression in recent times, the track’s rollicking midway point breakdown makes it clear that they’re feeling comfortable in their collective skin and it recalls the exhilarating feel of Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History era. 

Dancing On Tables- OH

Bursting out from Dunfermline with an eclectic bag of influences and starting points that combine to create a powerful sound, Dancing On Tables are capitalising on their early promise with new single ‘OH.’

Every bit as steeped in rousing anthemics as its title would infer, the new offering from the five piece is the first to emerge on American label LV and is a stirring exemplar of exactly why they’re courting interest across the Atlantic.

Utilising a sparse approach to the verses and production that gives each instrument and its magnetic vocals room to breathe rather than jostling for position, ‘OH’ is an understated yet commanding ode to a pure, unadulterated love that can conquer all obstacles that attests to their far-reaching appeal.

Brooke Bentham- Have To Be Around You

Hailing from Newcastle, Brooke Bentham has made waves with her warm-hearted, folky music and emotionally charged lyrics.

Following the release of her debut EP The Room Swayed earlier this year, the young singer-songwriter is already preparing to unveil her next collection of songs at the end of this month under the name This Rapture; of which latest track ‘Have To Be Around You’ is the latest instalment.

Reminiscent of Angel Olsen in her heartfelt lyricism and the way she can produce a powerful set of notes so suddenly and effortlessly, the track opens softly before building to a cathartic crescendo with energising synths and hard-hitting percussion.

BDY_PRTS- Take It To The Top 

Renowned for their stark and ceaselessly honest electro-pop that strips away the austere facade that can often emerge from such a machinery-minded genre, BDY_PRTS have continued to espouse the vitality of their sound on new track ‘Take It To The Top.’ A track that centers upon heeding maternal wisdom and never parting with the morality that’s been imprinted upon you for any reason, the track is a prelude to their forthcoming debut Fly Invisible Hero and arrives alongside a beautifully realised video which demonstrates the scope of their vision and commitment to their art.