AS the sun reluctantly begins to emerge from behind the ubiquitous walls of cloud and lights the way towards gloriously carefree days on festival sites, the anticipation is ramped up by a steady stream of phenomenal new music. Crossing borders and dispelling preconceived notions like only this artform can, the week has yielded a stellar mix of new tunes that are likely to remain long in the hearts and mind of those that take the time to engage with them. With that in mind, here’s our rundown of the finest new tracks that have burst their way from the far reaches of hard drives and private soundcloud links and into the public domain.

Miles Kane- Loaded 

After years of putting his solo career on the backfoot, Miles Kane is back with authority on the riveting ‘Loaded.’ Co-written by none other than the beloved Lana Del Rey, this return to the fray with a more docile and considered sound than would’ve been expected but one that certainly isn’t lacking in style. Led by his charismatic vocal delivery, ‘Loaded’ offers the first insight into his Finn Balor-inspired third LP Coup De Grace and leaves its direction enticingly open-ended.

Savage Mansion ‘Older And Wiser’

Infusing the exuberant sound of college rock with a penchant for lengthy instrumental explorations, Savage Mansion’s latest single ‘Older And Wiser’ displays many of the band’s finest attributes. A Glasgow-based supergroup of sorts, their new release may be just under four minutes in length but its bombast and intensity will demand repeated visits. Featuring everything from contemplative piano to a maelstrom of ferocious, fuzz-laden guitars, there’s plenty on offer to pique your interest as to what else may be residing in their vast yet primarily unreleased catalogue.

Bakar ‘All In’

An eclectically minded artist that emanates from the equally multicultural London, Bakar has put the industry and its temperamental hype machine on notice with debut single ‘All In.’ As much indebted to Roots Manuva as it is King Krule and Blood Orange, this opening salvo from his upcoming BADKID EP highlights an ability to intermingle lyrical sensitivity and melodic inclinations with hints towards a more abrasive sound that could come to the forefront elsewhere, this starmaking turn sees the artist touch upon the ingrained difficulties of trying to juggle his ambitions whilst trying to keep things alive with the object of his affections.

Courtney Barnett ‘City Looks Pretty’ 

The latest track to emerge from her hotly anticipated new record Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett tackles the isolation and loneliness that can engulf you on her new single ‘City Looks Pretty.’ Filled with the wry quips and thought-provoking observations that have became synonymous with her brand of vital rock ‘n’ roll, it almost seems to be a foregone conclusion that her new record is primed to be another resounding success.

Faux-romantic balladry for the apathetic and jaded, Father John Misty sure knows his way to make humanity take a good hard look at itself but has opted to turn the microscope towards himself on ‘Just Dumb Enough To Try.’  Taken from his newly announced record God’s Favourite Customer, the artist lesser known as Joshua Tillman casts his alter-ego aside on a track that ruminates on his missteps and lack of awareness that has brought heartbreak to his doorstep time and time again. A departure from the at times overbearing preaching of his previous record in order to delve into his own foibles, it’s another high caliber addition to his expansive catalogue.