ALL eyes may be on the UK’s thriving festival scene at this time of year, but readers will be pleased to know that there’s no shortage of new music here at TTV. As the world’s biggest pop and rock acts continue to descend on the biggest and most revered stages around the UK, there’s still plenty of up and coming acts to discover. With that in mind, here are the best new tracks to emerge in the past week.

ST.MARTiiNS ‘ur so pretty’ 

Dundee duo ST.MARTiiNS are back with another dazzling slice of idiosyncratic art-pop to add to their already hugely impressive repertoire. Released via Big Indie Records in Austin, Texas, ‘ur so pretty’ has you completely hypnotised from the outset. Steeped in romance and allure, Katie Lynch’s velvety smooth vocals are delivered against a backdrop of celestial electronics and jazzy inflections before the track jolts to life with some crunching distortion. With a unique ability to make the most meticulous arrangements sound completely effortless, there’s no denying the special chemistry that exists between Lynch and Johnston as they continue to seize our hearts with each release.

PYRO ‘Regret or Forget’

In the midst of a string of festival appearances this summer, up and coming Bathgate duo PYRO have unleashed their finest track to date in ‘Regret or Forget’. While their previous releases, full of arpeggiated guitars and crunching breakdowns, have had more than a hint of Royal Blood about them; the two—piece have refined their raw and ready rock sound in this emphatic anthem which wouldn’t sound out of place on mainstream radio.

Beta Waves ‘Love Love Love’

Set to grace our very own Tenement Trail later this year, Beta Waves have increased their growing momentum with the release of a brand new tune called ‘LoveLoveLove’. An intoxicating follow up to previous singles ‘I Think I’m Melting’ and ‘Let It Out’, the duo have struck gold again with this psych-tinged anthem for love; serving up vibrant synth tones and a swirling, hypnotic chorus which digs deep into your subconscious.

Alligator ‘Shadow By Your Side’ 

Scottish newcomers Alligator have followed up their monstrous debut single with another hugely impressive outing in ‘Shadow By Your Side’. Shedding the dark, sinister attitude of its predecessor in favour of swooning melodies and  fuzzy romance, their latest offering sees them channel their heavily distorted, reverb-laden tendencies into four minutes of heartfelt, melodic noise-pop. It’s a song that will stay with you long after your first listen while effortlessly evoking the spirit of their nineties influences. With only two singles to their name, Alligator already have us hooked.

Indigo Velvet ‘Falling In Love Again’ 

Another one of our Tenement Trail 2018 recruits, Indigo Velvet have re-emerged  from the studio with their first official release of 2018. Known for their twinkling riffs and buoyant rhythms, a sound that has otherwise been branded ‘tropical pop’, ‘Falling In Love Again’ builds on their signature style with a warm glow of synths and another hugely infectious chorus. It definitely marks a shift for the band that sees them embrace their poppy tendencies; less on the tropical side but every bit as effective.

Fatherson ‘Charm School’ 

From its strong opening salvo, it’s very clear that Fatherson are entering into heavier territory on their latest track ‘Charm School’. A powerful follow-up to previous single ‘Making Waves’ and the second single to be lifted from upcoming third album Sum Of All Your Parts, ‘Charm School’ is the most invigorating thing we’ve heard from the Ayrshire trio in some time; driven by a strong guitar riff and a formidable vocal performance from Ross Leighton. Brimming with confidence and renewed vitality, it’s the sound of a band who are taking things up a gear; yes, the rousing, anthemic choruses are still there but there’s a newfound edge which indicates that this could be their most interesting album to date.

Sports Team ‘Margate’ 

One of the most exciting bands to emerge from London in recent months, Sports Team have continued their winning streak with the release of ‘Margate’; a summertime anthem brimming with optimism and good feeling. A band who bolster their rollicking indie-rock anthems with bags of personality, frontman Alex Rice’s is as expressive as ever on their latest offering against a backdrop of jangly guitars and pummelling drums. News of the band’s emergence has spread like wild fire since the start of the year so now is the time to jump on board.

Underworld & Iggy Pop ‘Teatime Dub Encounters EP’

Perhaps one of the more unexpected releases of this year, Teatime Dub Encounters was borne of an attempted collaboration between Underworld and Iggy Pop as they sought to create something special for the much talked about T2 soundtrack. The final product may not have made it onto the film but what we have been left with is a deeply compelling beast of an EP that combines Iggy Pop’s spontaneity with Underworld’s polished electronic dub. From the reflective spoken word of ‘Bells & Circles’ to the vibrant dance mantra of ‘Get Your Shirt’, it’s a riveting listen from start to finish.

IDLES  ‘Samaritans’

Every bit as confrontational in their songwriting as they are in their ferocious live shows, IDLES are perhaps one of the most vital bands in the UK right now. Ahead of the release of their eagerly anticipated second album Joy As An Act of Resistant, the Bristol punks have unveiled ‘Samaritans’; a visceral attack on toxic masculinity and the punishing expectations that are placed on men from a young age. Over wiry guitars and a rackety drum beat, frontman Joe Talbot barks  “man up”, “sit down”, “socks up”, “don’t cry”; “Grow some balls, you said, grow some balls” before the cutting chorus ““This is why you never see your father cry”. A searing take-down of lad culture, it could well be one of the most essential tracks to come out this year.

Maggie Rogers ‘Give A Little’

A singer-songwriter undoubtedly destined for pop superstardom, Maggie Rogers has shared the second single from her forthcoming debut LP. A warm-hearted follow-up to ‘Fallingwater’, ‘Give A Little’ recalls 90s-era pop in its rippling choruses and buoyant vocals. Written at the time of the national school walkout in support of gun control and produced by Grammy-winning Greg Kurstin (Adele) , it’s a song about empathy and new beginnings in tumultuous surroundings.