AFTER festival season drew to a close with yet another sold out Tenement Trail two weeks ago, normal service has resumed for the music industry with album cycles and touring schedules well underway. With that in mind, the past couple of weeks have seen another surge in exciting releases from local artists aswell as established global names all hoping to inspire and enchant with their latest offerings from the studio. Back after a brief hiatus, New Music Radar has rounded up some of the tracks that have left us gripped over the past couple of weeks.

Avalanche Party ‘Million Dollar Man’ 

Championed by the likes of Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and Vic Galloway, Yorkshire outfit Avalanche Party have cultivated a rabid following around the UK based on the strength and passion of their renowned live shows. With mainstream success well within their grasp following a busy festival period, the band have sustained their growing reputation with the release of a dark and vampiric new single by the name of ‘Million Dollar Man’.  Typically bold and brash, it’s another massive track from the outfit which features some deep bass grooves, Prodigy-like beats, stabbing electronics and a darkly compelling lead vocal.

Vistas ‘headspace’ 

Following a triumphant performance at Tenement Trail, Vistas brought out a brand new single called ‘headspace’ just last week. Quite different to anything we’ve heard previously, the track marks a shift in sound for the quartet, recalling the glossy sounds of Tears for Fears and other eighties groups; awash with synths and deep, insistent grooves. While it isn’t propelled by the feverish tempo of previous outings, the band’s knack for addictive choruses and vibrant pop melodies are still very much present with the track already proving a hit on Spotify.  Set to feature on their upcoming EP ‘hello’, the track marks the beginning of an exciting period for the band with a massive support slot with The Wombats secured for next year aswell as a headline show at Saint Luke’s.

Cheap Teeth ‘Fly On The Wall/ The Vicar’s Fingers’ 

Ahead of enthralling the Trail crowds once again at Nice N Sleazy last month, Cheap Teeth made their first foray into recorded material; and the results are every bit as intriguing as we’d hoped. When we last caught up with the band back in January, they were on the verge of going into the studio. Frontman Joe talked of their desire to hone in on their sound; to create something “dark, brave” and “hopefully something that would catch a few people out”.

Arriving in the form of a double single titled ‘Fly On The Wall/The Vicar’s Fingers’, it seems that this process has been time very well spent. Dark, grisly and steeped in gothic post-punk influences, both tracks are as haunting as each other; the sinisterly paced ‘Fly On The Wall’ is full of haunting guitar lines and snarling vocals, set alight by an exploratory guitar solo in the middle while the success of ‘The Vicar’s Fingers’ lies not only in its moody snarls, but also in its snarky crooning melodies and organ lines. It’s dark and melodic post-punk with an underlying sense of hope; an ode to the oddities and absurdities they have encountered in their day to day lives.

Snack Villain ‘Tick, Tick, Tick’ 

No stranger to Glasgow’s thriving DIY scene thanks to a string of support slots, Snack Villain has developed into one of the city’s most enigmatic performers in recent months; an artist who operates on his own terms and who refuses to adhere to any boundaries put in place by genre or convention. His latest single ‘Tick, Tick, Tick’ has arrived like a bolt out of the blue. An utterly vital and head-spinning piece of music, the track is an eclectic brew of frenetic drums, warm brass, stream-of-consciousness lyrics and exquisite production. Fresh, experimental and bursting with infectious energy, it’s a must-listen.

Parcels ‘Withorwithout’

Today marks the release of Parcels’ long-awaited self-titled debut album; a record which follows a long list of infectious, genre-crossing singles such as ‘Overnight’, ‘Tieduprightnow’ and ‘Bemyself’. Ahead of its release, the band this week gave us a glimpse of what was to come with ‘Withorwithout’; one of their more calming takes which displays their softer side both sonically and lyrically. From disco-funk to steady toe-tappers, Parcels have shown they can do it all and their debut album is a must-listen.

Maggie Rogers ‘Light On’ 

It has been a whirlwind two years for Maggie Rogers who has been gone from unknown musician to viral pop phenomenon in what feels like no time at all. Her success has been no fluke though; with a string of hugely popular singles to her name such as’Alaska’ and ‘Give A Little’, she has seized the hearts of fans all over the world with her magnetic folk-pop and deft songwriting. Set to arrive on 18th January via Capitol Records, the singer has now announced the release of her eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Heard It In A Past Life’, aswell as sharing one of its featured tracks ‘Light On’. Perhaps one of her most vulnerable tracks to date, the song is unmistakably Maggie; tackling her meteoric rise from striving artist to public figure through lush and layered textures and a hugely cathartic chorus.

The Japanese House ‘Lilo’ 

Amber Bain, aka The Japanese House, has made her eagerly anticipated return with a new single called ‘Lilo’. Building on the serene, glacial sound of her previous material, the track is an open and honest ode to new beginnings; full of that soothing distortion and transcendental, other-worldly feel that was so prevalent in the likes of ‘Saw You In A Dream’. This time though, her vocals feel all the more prominent and introspective; as if less shrouded in ambiguity and effects, offering a clearer insight into the person rather than the project. Set to appear on an upcoming debut album, it could perhaps signal the beginning of a new chapter for The Japanese House.