LIVING up to it’s stellar reputation, it has been a productive couple of weeks for Scotland’s music scene with a flurry of exciting tracks appearing from some of the country’s most exciting up and coming artists. As the year begins to draw to a close, readers will be pleased to know that there’s been no shortage in quality of new music with some bands continuing to produce some of their finest work to date. With that in mind, TTV have drawn up a list of some of the tracks you need to check out from the past few weeks.

The Van T’s ‘Suis-Je Cool?’

The release of the blistering ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ heralded the almighty return of Glasgow quartet The Van T’s last week. After spending the majority of the year holed up in the studio and rehearsal room, honing in on their sound and forging new ideas, the track is the first piece of new music to be heard from the band in over a year; and it’s the kind of incendiary blast of alt-rock we’ve all been waiting for. Relentless from the very get-go, ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ is fiery with passion and reverb; fuelled by pummelling drums and scorching riffs. A song dedicated to those who struggle to fit in, it’s a fast, hard-hitting and exceedingly stylish return from one of Glasgow’s finest outfits. The Van T’s are back.

LUCIA ‘Cheap Talk’ 

Topping off a triumphant year which has seen her tour the length and breadth of the UK, playing some of the country’s biggest festivals and most revered venues, LUCIA’s eagerly anticipated second EP Cheap Talk has arrived. A formidable follow-up to its predecessor Best Boy, the progress that has been made over the past 18 months is plain for all to see on this four track-release; an EP bursting with classic bubblegum pop choruses, gritty grungy swagger and widescreen ambition. Brilliantly exemplified by the critically acclaimed ‘Summertime’, her bewitching sound is more streamlined and effective than ever before thanks to producers Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) and Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence). However, it’s the EP’s infectious title track that has us hooked from the very outset with its singalong choruses and cool swagger.

The Ninth Wave ‘Sometimes the Silence is Sweeter’

‘Sometimes the Silence is Sweeter’ is the latest instalment from Glasgow’s biggest buzz band The Ninth Wave who have also shared details of a brand new EP titled Flesch, out on 9th November. After riding waves of acclaim for much of 2018 across the UK and beyond, their latest offering sees them maintain their rich vein of form while adopting a more pared back approach. Inspired by “an appreciation for being alone”, frontman Haydn’s stirring vocals are brought to the forefront as they once again effortlessly anchor their dark, moody post-punk tendencies with a huge, cinematic chorus full of stabbing, glistening synths. A band who can seemingly do no wrong, the quartet are set to finish the year with a flurry of live shows including a massive headliner at Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s on 21st December.

Crash Club ‘Boost’ 

Emerging from the shadows after over a year of radio silence, we are delighted to welcome back Glasgow’s electronic aficionados Crash Club who today have dropped a brand new song ‘Boost’. A mighty return from the group who have made a name for themselves thanks to their deeply engrossing and hard-hitting live shows aswell as their penchant for invigorating, rock-inflected dance music, the new song perhaps marks an exciting new era for the outfit and features input from none other than Jagz Kooner, the man behind Primal Scream’s iconic ‘Swastika Eyes’. Foregoing the use of a guest vocal and the impassioned anthemic stylings of previous singles, an element that has become a staple of their work in the past, ‘Boost’ instead focuses on climactic dance beats and the kind of immersive soundscaping that recalls the work of Giorgio Moroder. Transcendental and exquisitely executed, it’s yearning to be played in the depths of a club in front of a receptive audience.

Pleasure Heads ‘Same Old Song’

With their sharp songwriting and undisputed flair for call-to-arms indie-rock, few bands can lay claim to the kind of impressive opening repertoire that Falkirk outfit Pleasure Heads have ranked up in recent months. ‘Same Old Song’ is the latest offering in a flurry of singles that have emerged from the band this year and it’s another massive tune which is set to feature on their upcoming EP Excuse The Filth. After the crooning, melodic stylings of ‘Down and Out’ and ‘Middle Man’, ‘Same Old Song’ captures the fast-paced urgency of their renowned live shows in riotous fashion. Brimming with infectious energy, it’s earworm choruses are bolstered by that dynamic, gritty sound that we’ve come to know and love from the group.


SWAY ‘Haven’

Informed by their shared affinity for the luscious and poignant sounds of Nowhere-era Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, ‘Haven’ has long registered as the emotive summit of SWAY’s catalogue. A touching ode to finding the inner peace and serenity that has always evaded you in life within the beautiful visage of another, the tension created by the intricate and almost indecisive guitar part that haunts its verses before the soaring revelation of its chorus makes for a compelling yet heartrending listen. Led by a thoughtful performance from Craig Milroy and strengthened by the euphoric backing vocals of drummer David Roberts, the band’s dexterity and volatile chemistry is on full display when they make the jump from its more contemplative pace to an unrelenting hail of guitar that allows  the track to conclude on a joyously hopeful note.

Glassmasterer ‘Be Here Tonight/Heatwave’

Fast-rising dance producer Glassmasterer dropped two mammoth disco-tinged singles this week titled ‘Be Here Tonight’ and ‘Heatwave’. Testament to his wildly creative nature aswell as his growing reputation as one of Scotland’s most intriguing musical prospects, the two shape-shifting tracks are hugely eclectic pieces of work; laced with references to classic funk and disco, with one eye on an old school 70s ‘Soul Train’ vibe and another on modern electronic twists. Check them out now.

The Vignettes ‘Subway Romance’ 

Buoyed by an exuberant energy, likeable charm and unbridled showmanship, The Vignettes are quickly developing into a tightly organised, enthralling live act. Those who bore witness to their performance at Tenement Trail in the Blue Arrow will have seen frontman Hamish Swanson hold the fervent crowd in the palm of his hands as he led them through one fun and infectious tune after another. With bounds of charisma and an artful yet playful approach to their craft, the four-piece have shown that they are unafraid to retread the sounds of the past while throwing in their own quirky swagger. Their latest single ‘Subway Romance does exactly that; recalling the feverish energy of early Talking Heads and emboldened by the familiar Glaswegian stamp of Orange Juice, it’s a tale of fleeting, youthful romance with a harmonica-led breakdown thrown in for good measure. The band launch the single at The Old Hairdresser’s on November 8th.