WITH another week comes another fresh batch of new tracks to become acquainted with. Covering everything from pop to stunning electronica to rambling indie to wry, observational post-punk, this week’s New Music Radar features a strong contingent of artists have taken some massive strides forward. Check out our pick of this week’s best new music below.

Lewis Capaldi ‘Someone You Loved’

Ahead of two massive sold-out shows at Glasgow’s legendary Barrowlands this weekend, Lewis Capaldi has surprised fans with the release of a brand new EP titled Breach. Winning the world over with his distinctively heartfelt vocals and passionate tales of love and heartbreak, the four-track EP features the hugely popular ‘Tough’ and ‘Grace’ as well as a previously unheard demo and the stunning ‘Someone You Loved’. Premiered on none other than Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show last night, a move that certifies his now massive global appeal, ‘Someone You Loved’ falls into the category of classic Capaldi heart-breaker. The piano-led ballad is another fine example of his ability to create powerful songs that move your soul as he reflects on losing in love. Once again nailing his vocal performance, it’s the small vocal breaks and his beautiful falsetto that really make an impact.

ST.MARTiiNS ‘Jazzboy’

It’s impossible not to fall in love with ST.MARTiiNS and their mesmerising alt-pop creations. Steeped in romance and a dreamy allure, their unique blend of woozy pop, intricate melodies and angelic vocals have struck a chord with listeners around Scotland and far beyond. Recently signed to the revered 13 Artists, their latest single ‘Jazzboy’ is testament to the band’s progression over the last 12 months aswell as their renewed creative focus. Boasting a fuller, more aggressive chorus than anything we’ve heard before, Katie Lynch’s dreamy vocals lean in and out of the song with great effect; quietly reflective one minute to more commanding the next. Sprinkled with idiosyncratic treats like the twang of a vibrated guitar aswell as crushed drum loops, it’s another step up for the Dundee outfit who are headed for big things.

The Orielles ‘Bobbi’s Second World’

After releasing their debut album Silver Dollar Moment to critical acclaim earlier this year and following it up with a busy touring schedule, Halifax outfit The Orielles have unveiled one of their most colourful singles to date in ‘Bobbi’s Second World’. Marking an interesting shift for the outfit, it’s the addition of keys that immediately stands out here as the band lean away from their indie tendencies in favour of a poppy danceability and disco vibe. An explosion of playful sounds like gang-like backing vocal chants, cat-like squeals, percussive chimes and wonky keys, the song is still distinctly The Orielles; an innovative, infectious track full of honey-sweet vocals, racing beats, big hooks and youthful spirit.

OK Button ‘Beds’

Scottish electro-pop outfit OK Button seized attention of fans and critics alike with their stunning debut single ‘The Message’; a dark, intriguing and deeply captivating track which effortlessly combined a rich and deceptively complex arrangement with an open, accessible sound. Now the trio are back with their sublime second single ‘Beds’. Led by the beautifully airy vocal tones of Amber Wilson, the track is driven by crisp intricate beats and stunning melodic hooks; all awash with stunning electronica and soaring strings. Behind the enchanting arrangement there lies an important message too though as they remind us the importance of living in the moment. Vocalist Amber explains “Beds reflects on how we go through the motions while the world is falling to pieces around us”.

Julia Jacklin ‘Head Alone’

Along with the announcement of a new album titled Crushing which is set to arrive in February, Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin has shared a new single ‘Head Alone’. Written in the midst of a hectic touring schedule, the songs finds Jacklin in a thoughtful place; one which saw her “looking out the window on endless car journeys”. Opening with the stunning line “give me a full-length mirror/ so I can see the whole picture/ my head alone is nothing”, the track evolves from a contemplative piece of rambling indie to an explosion of human expression. “This song is me raising my arms and running into an open field” she says; an image that is fully rendered by the time you get to the end of the song.

Sorry ‘Starstruck’

‘Starstruck’ is undoubtedly the biggest step forward to date from London outfit Sorry. Since first emerging with a few scratchy demos, the outfit have proven themselves hard to pin down; flirting on the edge of traditional rock music while throwing in their own quirky electronic elements and distinctly lo-fi production. This off-kilter approach is most perfectly harnessed on their latest single ‘Starstruck’; a dark and seductive track which builds ominously with a mix of jagged riffs, menacing dual vocals from Asha and Louis O’Bryen and an addictively repetitive chorus.

Lady Bird ‘Reprisal’

In the midst of supporting Slaves on their current UK tour which has hit the Barrowlands twice this week, up and coming Kent trio Lady Bird have shared a hard-hitting new single called ‘Reprisal’. A post-punk anthemic take on modern life in the UK, frontman Sam Cox offers a bleak yet articulate insight into the lives of young people; delivered against a barrage of punchy riffs, gloomy keys and catchy choruses.