FEATURING a mix of established acts and exiting up and coming artists forging new ideas, this week’s New Music Radar includes a varied collection of tracks that have piqued our interest. Check out our favourites below.

Walt Disco ‘Drowning In Your Velvet Bed’

Glitter-fuelled chaos transforms into a storm of angst on Walt Disco’s latest single ‘Drowning In Your Velvet Bed’; a track which sheds the warm, shimmering pop charm of their previous work in favour of an onslaught of dark, menacing riffs and ferocious urgency. Bringing all of their torment to the surface, it’s as if the band can’t get to where they’re going fast enough before there’s a break in the clouds with the arrival of a woozy, almost hallucinogenic sax solo in its middle section. Produced by Chris McCrory and mixed by Thomas McNeice, it’s an ambitious outing from the quartet which lives up to their growing hype.

Fontaines DC ‘Too Real’ 

Inspired by their love of poetry and noisy punk, Dublin outfit Fontaines DC have generated quite the buzz in recent months. Having notched up support slots with the likes of Shame and IDLES, the band recently signed with New York label Partisan Records and have just dropped their latest single ‘Too Real’. A chaotic cut that crawls its way into your subconscious with its hypnotic repetitiveness, inspired by T.S Eliot’s Preludes, the track is a perfect encapsulation of the band’s surrealist, lyrical approach to corrosive punk. Fuelled by a similar sense of purpose as IDLES, frontman Grian Chatten conjures vivid images of bleak but bustling Dublin; posing important questions about the human condition against a barrage of guitars, chugging basslines and slabs of distortion. Fontaines DC are a band leading the way in a world ridden with anxiety.

The Magic Gang ‘Take Care (feat. Jessie Ware)’ 

Still flying high after the release of their debut album earlier this year, The Magic Gang have dropped a new version of ‘Take Care’ featuring guest vocals from none other than Jessie Ware. Undoubtedly one of the finest moments on the record, the singalong anthem is enhanced by the addition of Ware’s lush tones; transforming it into a soulful, lighters-in-the-air duet that recalls the likes of The Carpenters.

The Vaccines ‘All My Friends Are Falling In Love’

Debuted on Annie Mac’s show as her Hottest Record in the World earlier this week, The Vaccines have dropped a new single called ‘All My Friends Are Falling In Love’. Arriving after the release of their latest album Combat Sports earlier this year, their latest offering is more poppy in tone but every bit as incisive, featuring exuberant vocals from frontman Justin Young, fuzzy guitar hooks and an irresistibly catchy chorus. More importantly, it’s a quick shot of euphoria as we approach the dark, cold months of winter.

Press Club ‘Headwreck’

Indie-punk outfit Press Club are no strangers to fans in their native Australia; however, it seems they’re all set to make an impact on UK shores as they’ve just announced that they’ve signed a deal with esteemed UK punk label Hassle Records who will release their debut album on 25th January. Along with the announcement, the band have unveiled the brilliant, razor-edged ‘Headwreck’; a fast and dynamic blast of alt-rock that hits breakneck speed, led by Natalie Foster’s fierce vocals. It’s a scorching introduction from a band who look set to make more of an impact in the coming months.

The Twilight Sad ‘Vtr’ 

Following ‘Videograms’ and ‘I/m Not Here [Missing Face]’, The Twilight Sad have unveiled the third single to be taken from their upcoming fifth album ‘IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME’. A hard-hitting fusion of hopefulness and melancholy, ‘Vtr’ is led by driving, motorik rhythms with James Graham’s typically heartfelt delivery shrouded in dark, propulsive soundscapes; “there’s no love to small” he sings, battling against the enveloping noise.

Described as one of the album’s most important moments, he said: “After the album had been finished and all the songs had been named, as I was walking my wife into the hospital as she was going into labour with our son, I looked down at the pavement and spray painted there was “VTR”.” I think the line “there’s no love to small” is one of the most hopeful I’ve ever written – seeing that song title on the ground as I was entering the hospital to have the most life-affirming moment in my life blew my mind. That line came into my head one dark day as all I could see was bad news all around me and all I needed was a bit of good news or compassion to get me through the day no matter how small. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it so the lines “I won’t be surprised if it kills us all” came soon after.”