WITH another week comes another onslaught of exciting new tracks from some of our favourite artists. Featuring the likes of BETA WAVES, Sweaty Palms, LYLO and Sam Fender, check out or top picks of the week below.

BETA WAVES ‘Another Mad Crab’ 

Ahead of their performance at next week’s IGNITE showcase, BETA WAVES have dropped the mesmeric ‘Another Mad Crab’. A staple of their live shows, the whimsically named track carries more emotional depth than previous releases; the heartfelt vocal is contrasted with a playful timbre of synths and colourful electronics, producing a dreamy pop gem. Anchored by a steady drumbeat reminiscent of M83, it’s a wonderfully layered that makes for a very immersive and hypnotic listening experience.

Bluebirds ‘Better Left Unsaid’

Scottish psych-punk powerhouse Bluebirds announced their return with the release of ‘Better Left Unsaid’, a track we were delighted to premiere on TTV last week. A hypnotic take on the punk undertones that trickle through the Scottish music scene, it packs a thunderous punch; driven by low-slung basslines, hard-hitting drums and an echoing, acerbic lead vocal.

Barrie James ‘Free Like A Bird’ 

The first indication of what awaits on Barrie James’ sophomore solo record which is set for release via Glasgow’s own Holy Smokes, his long-awaited return from self-imposed musical exile has seen him plunder the depths of an multi-dimensional new sound. Anchored by his irrepressible propensity for melody and off-hand lyrical profundities, ‘Free Like A Bird’ registers as an inherently apt title for a track that is unconstrained by any preconceived expectations.

Incorporating everything from the slinking psychedelia of Canned Heat and King Crimson to the more immediate terrain of grunge tinged alt-rock, his new offering sets him in a newly devised lane and careering towards an unpredictable and thus entirely transfixing destination.

LION ‘Fiction’ 

Taken from her debut self-titled EP, LION has stuck her flag in the ground of the UK rock scene with her latest track, ‘Fiction’. Already a firm favourite among her fanbase and featured on her debut self-titled EP, the track drips with energy and swagger, driven by trudging riffs that rock and shake throughout the entire song. One element that remains constant throughout is her truly unique voice; the perfect accompaniment to the high-energy, deep driven track.

Sweaty Palms ‘La Peste’

Rising from the dark underbelly of Glasgow’s DIY scene, Sweaty Palms have re-emerged from the confines of the studio with the dark, acerbic sounds of ‘LA PESTE’. Opening with a creeping bassline, it doesn’t take long for the track to lure you into Sweaty Palms’ raucous and riotous world; jaunty, discordant guitars and trudging rhythms conjuring a menacing atmosphere before frontman Robbie Houston’s distinctive sneer takes command. Like the soundtrack to a dystopian nightmare, all coherence goes out the window and everything goes awry; leaving us with a dark sonic furore and a gloriously grotty return from one of Glasgow’s most intriguing outfits.

LYLO ‘Nothin New’

Fresh from victory at this year’s SAMAs where they scooped up the award for Best Live Act, LYLO surprised fans this week with the release of a brand new single called ‘Nothin New’. A brilliantly feverish and infectious follow-up to their debut album Post Era which came out earlier this year, ‘Nothin New’ finds them in scintillating form; re-visiting their unique amalgamation of post-punk and giddy art-pop. Driven by pulse-quickening basslines and full of warm brass, shimmering synths and peppy guitars, it’s a punchy, addictive and revitalising return from the outfit.

FUR ‘Angel Eyes’ 

Currently on tour with Matt Maltese, Brighton outfit transport you to a bygone on era on latest single ‘Angel Eyes’. Imbued with a sepia-tinged nostalgia, the track finds the band reflecting on a relationship that failed to materialise; adopting a Beatles-esque charm that re-affirms their knack for catchy love songs and crafty songwriting. Building on the 60s psych-pop vibrancy presented on previous songs, ‘Angel Eyes’ is a polished, jangle-pop number brimming with hooks.

Leif Erikson ‘Matter’

Along with the announcement of a new EP, London-based quintet Leif Erikson have marked their return with the release of ‘Matter’. Inspired by Curtis Mayfield’s album ‘Roots’, the band’s comeback single is a beautifully graceful number; washing over you with its swirling atmospherics and effortless vocals. Arranged into a fluid, expansive structure, it evokes longing and airy wistfulness across its four minutes; highlighting the band’s knack for subtle, nuanced songwriting.

Sam Fender ‘Poundshop Kardashians’ 

It’s been an incredible few months for Sam Fender who has cemented his reputation as one of the UK’s hottest prospects. Arriving after a series of massive singles that have been picked up by the likes of Radio 1, the singer-songwriter has finally dropped his debut EP Dead Boys and it features one of his finest singles to date in ‘Poundshop Kardashians’. A scathing takedown of celebrity culture, Fender’s hard-hitting and insightful lyrics are delivered against the kind of sweeping anthemics that are reminiscent of War on Drugs, before the song bursts with an explosive chorus.