EACH week, New Music Radar features a rundown of all the essential tracks to have come out in the past seven days. Featuring a strong mix of local artists and established names, check out our picks below.

The Van T’s ‘Control’ 

Opening their account for 2019 ahead of a busy festival season, ‘Control’ is a formidable return from The Van T’s. Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson snarl and soar their way through a swirl of guitar feedback and pummelling drums. Driven by the bass which rattles all the way through, lending the track urgency and a refreshing immediacy, ‘Control’ finds the sweet spot between hazy chaos and crunching grunge rock before hitting hard with its sucker punch chorus. It’s an infectious blend which finds the band taking control of the wheel and steamrolling their way into festival season.

Heavy Rapids ‘Paisley Pattern’

Another band set to make their mark at The Great Escape next week, Heavy Rapids continue their punk assault with latest single ‘Paisley Pattern’. A track which has gained the support of Radio 1 over the past week, ‘Paisley Pattern’ is a seething depiction of the band’s hometown, a place full of juxtapositions; known for its “vicious cycle of violence and crime” yet “home to most of the best people I’ve met in my life” according to the band’s Jamie Crawford. Tearing through a barrage of guitars and pummelling drums, the snarling lead vocals lend a frantic, blistering energy to the song. Dark, manic and seething with rage, Heavy Rapids take no prisoners in their quest to wreak havoc.

Lewis Capaldi ‘Hold Me While You Wait’

Man of the moment Lewis Capaldi has given us another taster of his debut album with the release a new single called ‘Hold Me While You Wait’. The follow-up to mega-hit ‘Someone You Loved’ is another beautifully emotive offering; the singer’s distinctively heart-wrenching vocals and confessional lyrics delivered against a minimal piano melody, acoustic guitar and deep echoing backing vocals. Building up to its emotionally cathartic finale, it’s sure to be another massive hit for the Scottish star.

Kate Tempest ‘Firesmoke’

Few artists are able to cast a spell with words in the manner of Kate Tempest. The rapper, poet, spoken word artist, novelist and playwright has re-emerged from Rick Rubin’s studio with news of a brand new album titled The Book of Trap and Lessons and has unveiled a new track along with it; her first since 2016’s critically acclaimed Let Them Eat Chaos. ‘Firesmoke’ is a soft, soulful number which depicts her experience of falling in love. Spoken against a smooth, jazz-leaning arrangement, it’s a warm comforter that wraps itself around you; a stunning return from one of the UK’s finest talents.

Kindness, Seinabo Sey ‘Lost Without’

Kindness teams up with Swedish soul-pop singer Seinabo Sey on this standalone single ‘Lost Without’. And what first appears as an unlikely collaboration on paper is actually a seamless and irresistible slice of pop music which perfectly combines Sey’s soulful croon with Bainbridge’s knack for a killer groove. Driven by his understated yet funky arrangement, weaved with 80s R&B vocals and cascading horns, it’s a lush, warm and infectious performance that displays all the breezy effortlessness of a spontaneous jam session.

Slowthai ‘Nothing Great About Britain’

Ahead of the release of his eagerly anticipated debut album later this month, slowthai has unveiled its hard-hitting title track. A scathing depiction of life in Britain amidst our current political climate, slowthai doesn’t hold back in his acerbic delivery and seething lyrics; his relentless flow touching on everything from the royal family, the police, the EDL and more. Driven by the all-consuming desire to create music that “bonds people across divides”, slowthai is an artist who refuses to shy away from home truths and his album is shaping up to be one of the most vital releases of the year.

Black Midi ‘Talking Heads’

A band who have provoked intrigue and buzz with every musical curveball that they’ve thrown into the public consciousness, London four-piece Black Midi are back with the idiosyncratic, shape-shifting sounds of ‘Talking Heads’. A song that immediately recalls the vivid, twitchy arrangements of the iconic art-rock outfit, ‘Talking Heads’ sees the band operate on a more accessible level, reigning in their experimental tendencies with the aim of creating something more melodic and danceable. Perhaps their most vibrant release to date, there’s still no telling where Black Midi are heading with their wildly innovative creations though. Propelled by their incredible control of rhythm, hyperactive drums and sputtering guitars soon lead off into something all the more bizarre as the instrumentation continues to intensify as the track progresses.