IT is a busy week for Scottish music fans with both Belladrum and Playground Festival taking place over the weekend. In the meantime, there’s been a plethora of exciting releases from some of our favourite acts including Quiche, Haim, CRYSTAL, IDLES, Foals and more.

Quiche ‘Grey Matter’ 

After turning heads on the inaugural TTV Discover Tour earlier this year, the band have teamed up with esteemed producer Chris McCrory on this latest instalment which finds them lamenting the day to day distractions of everyday life while simultaneously chasing the need for something more.

The band’s  lyrical introspection is combined with soaring hooks and a lively rhythm section to create their most adventurous and addictive offering to date. McCrory’s influence is evident on the glam-esque, wiggly guitar riffs while the band’s penchant for dreamy, hazy psychedelia, big choruses and swooning melodies has never been so effective.

CRYSTAL ‘Speak of the Devil’ 

A dark, punchy and razor sharp return from the outfit, it’s hard to believe that this is only CRYSTAL’s fourth single release. Their latest outing opens with a circling riff before Anna Shields enters, her lightly distorted vocal shrouded in mystic allure. Conjuring menacing images of a dark and lustful female figure, almost like a hypnotic incantation, the more restrained verses make way for another one of the band’s killer choruses – all fuzzy guitars, pummelling drums and chanting vocals. It’s exactly what the band do best – combining addictive melodies with a grungy sucker punch before building into a truly thunderous, no-holds-barred finale.

Haim ‘Summer Girl’

Over the years, Haim have perfected a sharp, distinguishable sound that is characterised by its crisp bass lines, tight harmonies and glimmering, taut pop melodies. This new track however takes the band down a different and intriguing new route.

Featuring a jazzier palette than we’re used to hearing from the trio, the influence of Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ can’t be ignored here and is something Danielle has talked about. A loose bassline ambles along, offering a lackadaisical groove that is matched by the light drums while a saxophone floats over the track in a carefree, improvised style. Singing along with an almost meditative composure, Danielle Haim’s light vocals are tinged with sadness and uncertainty  – as if behind the warmth and joy of summer, she is holding back tears from behind her sunglasses.

Foals ‘Black Bull’ 

After announcing earlier this week that ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2’ will be released later this year on 18th October, Foals have dropped their gnarliest, heaviest track to date in ‘Black Bull’. Yannis Philappakis squawks over an onslaught of meaty riffs and a tumultuous soundtrack as the band tackle conflicted masculinity and delusions of grandeur.  It’s absolutely huge and so relentless that it feels under the threat of collapse at any given moment. Following in the same vein as ‘Inhaler’ and ‘What Went Down’, the band flex their rock muscles once gaain but take it to a new level of aggression – one which truly captures the mindless abandon of their live shows. After the cinematic and sophisticated nature of Part 1 , it seems that Part 2 is going to be the most apocalyptic, conflicted and urgent thing they’ve ever done if ‘Black Bull’ is anything to go by.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard ‘Love Forever’ 

One of the latest acts added to this year’s Tenement Trail, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard unveiled the euphoric ‘Love Forever’ last week. Sounding like something you would hear as the credits roll up on a rom-com, the track is brimming with 70s, primarily T-Rex, influences, Tom Rees’ vocals delivered over some decidedly fuzzed up guitars and strutting rhythms. It’s a glorious dose of nostalgia that help you dance your problems away as the band bring their vintage style fully into 2019.

Spinning Coin ‘Vision at the Stars’ 

Spinning Coin have unveiled their first piece of new material since 2017’s ‘Permo’ album. After partially relocating to Berlin, the band have found new creative inspiration and now have a flurry of live shows lined up, including a support slot with The Pastels in the German capital at the end of August. ‘Vision at the Stars’ picks up where they left off; a cosmic slice of delicate jangle-pop that is both deftly executed and subtly infectious.

Spyres ‘Otherside’ 

They may have only officially formed at the start of this year but Glasgow/East Kilbride quartet Spyres have wasted no time in making their presence known. A series of support slots around the city have marked them out as ones to watch, so much so that they recently entered the studio with prolific duo Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall to record their debut single. Already racking up thousands of streams, the band have emerged with ‘Otherside’; a thrilling opening salvo which sounds remarkably accomplished given that this is their very foray into recorded material. Enchanting dual vocals lead the track over hard-hitting drums, menacing bass lines and grungy guitars. Tinged with psychedelic vibes and surf-rock influences, there’s a darkness closing in on the track as they try to escape to the ‘otherside’, disillusioned by the world around them. Brimming with vitality and ambition, it’s a startling introduction which screams potential and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

IDLES ‘I Dream Guillotine’ 

In the midst of a very busy festival season, IDLES have unveiled a brand new track called ‘I Dream Guillotine’. Very much in the same vein as their politically charged second album ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’, which was just last week nominated for the Mercury Prize, aswell as ‘Mercedes Marxist’, it’s another ferocious, hard-hitting number from the Bristol punks as they continue to ride a gargantuan wave of momentum.