INDIE giants meet fast-rising newcomers in this week’s edition of New Music Radar. With festival season now drawing to a close and artists retreating to their normal release schedules, there’s tracks from Aaron Smith, Grimes, Foals, Metronomy and more to check out below.

Aaron Smith ‘Better Than You Loved Me’

After racking up over two million streams on his debut single, Aaron Smith is back with another emotionally charged offering called ‘Better Than You Loved Me’. His raw, effortless vocal shines through once again, this time surrounded by a fuller production with its steady drumbeat and stirring vocal harmonies. A deeply moving, heart-wrenching listen from start to finish, he details the process of moving on from a toxic relationship with real honesty and strength.

Foals ‘The Runner’

Foals have unleashed another monstrous banger from ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2’. Lyrically set in the aftermath of the songs at the end of Part 1, Yannis Philappakis has said: ““It’s a call to find a sense of purpose and perseverance despite the odds and despite the troubles we may find inside or outside ourselves.” Driven by a captivating hook, there’s call-and-response lyrics thrown in over some more rampaging riffs.

Miles Kane ‘Blame it on the Summertime’

Barely a year after his last album ‘Coup de Grace’, Miles Kane has shared a brand new track ‘Blame It On the Summertime’.  It’s a biting slice of indie with a glossy pop sheen – sun-soaked and undeniably upbeat. It’s suggestive of an interesting new direction for the prolific singer-songwriter with gospel-style harmonies and a punchy chorus. Kane said: “This tune is about feeling stuck in a relationship that has become toxic and the clarity that the summertime brings on these seemingly impossible situations.”

Ross Carter ‘G42

The latest artist to grasp our attention from Glasgow is Ross Carter who has just unveiled his debut single ‘G42’. Arriving armed with a sound that seems far removed from his hometown, Carter deals in alternative, minimalist R&B that feels like a refreshing addition to the city’s eclectic soundscape. A clear crooning pop vocal is delivered over a layered production, subtle beats meet soulful vocal snippets with airs of The Weeknd and Drake thrown into the mix.

Metronomy ‘Wedding Bells’

Ahead of the release of their brand new album ‘Metronomy Forever’ next week, the hugely creative five-piece are back with another preview track called ‘Wedding Blues’. It’s a lush and playful return for the outfit – draped in synths and eighties influences. “I hear wedding bells… but they’re not for me” Joe Mount tenderly sings over the track with a tinge of sadness.

Sam Fender ‘The Borders’

SAm Fender has shared what he has described as his “favourite” track from his upcoming album Hypersonic Missiles. It’s another deeply personal, emotionally charged offering from the prolific singer which spins a tale of two boys who grow up together and go their separate ways. There’s a bittersweet flavour to the track as he expresses a mixture of joy and regret – its powerful story matched by its storming instrumentation.

girl in red ‘bad idea!’

Norwegian newcover girl in red has amassed an impressive following over the past couple of years thanks to her appreciation for charming, fiercely infectious bedroom pop. Her latest cut ‘bad idea!’ appears on her new EP ‘Chapter 2’ and shows off a spiky, punkier side to her songwriting. Focused on a frantic, unfortunate affair, the track is one of her most frenetic to date that is full of propulsive rhythms and a fizzing punk energy. Like many of her previous offerings, it’s an instant earworm too that details her excitement of the affair and then her subsequent regret.

The Snuts ‘Maybe California’

After a massive festival season that saw them play some of the biggest stages the UK has to offer, The Snuts are back with a sunny new track called ‘Maybe California’. The track was preceded by a cryptic social media campaign earlier this week that saw fans treated to teasers from a whatsapp number. Now arrived in all its fully fledged glory, the reflective track sees lead singer Jack Cochrane’s gritty lead vocal accompanied by soft cooing harmonies and breezy, catchy melodies. It’s another accomplished slice of indie-rock that is sure to go down a storm with their ever growing fanbase.

Grimes ‘Violence’ (feat i_o)

Grimes made a return this week with the latest cut from her eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2015’s Art Angel. Collaborating with electronic artist i_o, the ethereal track is driven by thumping rhythms , a glowing synth bassline and her trademark airy vocals – a propulsive listen that builds into gauzy, shimmery goodness.