ANOTHER massive week for Scottish releases has passed with the likes of The Dunts, The Snuts, The Vegan Leather, ST.MARTiiNS and more unveiling exciting new tracks. What’s more, we’ve also finally got our hands on the eagerly anticipated debut album from Declan Welsh & the Decadent West aswell as a debut EP from Joesef. Check them all out below.

Declan Welsh& the Decadent West ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’ 

Today is the day that Declan Welsh & the Decadent West have finally unveiled their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’. It feels like it has been a long time coming for the Glaswegian poet/punk rocker who first came onto our radar back in 2015 with a few scratchy demos and a string of solo acoustic shows. A lot has happened since then though and his debut album is a shining testament to that. Brimming with punk attitude and indie anthems, Welsh with the help of his formidable band The Decadent West dig deep into relatable issues such as the mundanities of city life, austerity and friendship with sincerity, humour and at times more than a little bit of anger. There’s plenty of biting guitar riffs, singalong choruses and a hint of funk thrown in too but it’s still the frontman’s penchant for weaving strong lyrical narratives that stand out on this accomplished debut.

Joesef ‘Play Me Something Nice’ 

One of the biggest breakthrough artists of the year, Joesef has unveiled his debut EP ‘Play Me Something Nice’. Hailing from the East End of Glasgow, the singer and producer has been garnering all sorts of media attention and industry buzz over the last few months with three outstanding single releases aswell as a string of sold-out shows in King Tut’s and London. All of the early promise comes to fruition on this dazzling EP which features the already released ‘Limbo’, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Don’t Give In’ and three brand new tracks. Delving deeper into the enchanting sonic world he inhabits, it’s a collection full of soul, swagger and sensitivity; one which spins tales of love and heartbreak with soft, languorous melodies, honeyed vocals and Al-Green inspired hooks. ‘Play Me Something Nice’ confirms all out initial suspicions that Joesef is going to be a star.

The Vegan Leather ‘Heavy Handed’ 

With their debut album slated for release on Friday 25th October, The Vegan Leather have surpassed all expectations yet again with the release of ‘Heavy Handed’.A band who have never been short in forthcoming about their love for all things heavy metal, guitars are well and truly let off the leash this time around in what is undoubtedly their heaviest release to date. Featuring some of the meatiest riffs you’ll hear all year, the alluring vocal interplay between Gianluca Bernacchi and Marie Collins is very much present and correct but there’s an underlying sense of unease and frustration this time around, a fiery defiance that sets the track alight like a bolt of lightning.

“Duchamp plastic branded in your art” they sing, exploring the dichotomous situation of juggling artistic ideas within the parameters of commercial expectations. “The song is about being part of a cultural scene or environment that you’re not comfortable with, not feeling ‘cool’ enough or that your art isn’t ‘good’ enough,” singer Marie explains. “It’s that pressure to feed the cultural zeitgeist but standing in defiance and writing what you actually want to write about and being able to be who you want to be.”

ST.MARTiiNS ‘saw the moon

Fresh from their captivating display at Tenement Trail last week, Dundee’s ST.MARTiiNS have shared a brand new track called ‘saw the moon’. Featuring their signature mix of languid guitar melodies, enticing vocals and hazy, hypnotic pop, there’s something incredibly enchanting and almost romantic about the sonic world the duo have spent time carefully crafting over the years. ‘saw the moon’ is one of their more moody offerings though that derives from a feeling of being creatively stifled. “The imagery in the song reflects how close we felt to our own creativity but then feeling it was out of reach. It is an angsty song, probably the last song that was derived from our teenage minds” singer Katie Lynch explains

The Dunts ‘Marilyn’ 

Pulled in to replace Dream Wife at the very last minute at this year’s Tenement Trail, Glasgow punk heroes The Dunts ticked off one more box last week with a thrilling display at the legendary Barrowlands. In the midst of all the frenzied chaos, the band had time to air their brand new track ‘Marilyn’; a song which now gets its official release on 7 West Music, the brand new imprint birthed in the Glasgow-based studios of the same name.

Known to extend their lyrical focus well-beyond classic ruminations on modern romance and the kind of token odes to hedonism that can often be found in indie-rock’s endless stockpile, you need only to look back at the likes of ‘Hampden Cabs’ and ‘Witch Hunt’ to see that characters and narratives are what often drive The Dunts’ music. This is the case once again on ‘Marilyn’; an ode to the ‘star of the silver screen’. Casting an eye over the dubious circumstances of her death and the dark side of fame, Colin McGachy leads the charge this time around, offering a more pop-centric vocal over barrages of blistering guitar. It’s another fiercely infectious number that will go down a storm with their ever-expanding fanbase.

The Snuts ‘Juan Belmonte’ 

The Snuts’ assault on the UK indie-rock scene continues with the release of ‘Juan Belmonte’. Arriving in the midst of a massive UK tour and taking its name from the famous Spanish bullfighter, the track is driven by the kind of electrifying guitar work that would appease the staunchest purveyors of desert rock. Shedding the indie-rock revelry of previous releases in favour of a relentless swagger and stomping rhythms it’s a track that wouldn’t seem out of place in the middle of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ heyday. It’s a simple yet entrancing concoction that finds The Snuts raising the game once again.

Twin Atlantic ‘Novocaine’ 

Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic returned this week with news of their first album in three years aswell as brand new track called ‘Novocaine’. ‘Power’ is slated for release in January 2020 and is said to be largely influenced by nights out in their hometown – a shift that is clear for all to see on the new single. Like nothing we’ve heard from the band before, ‘Novocaine’ is a big slice of futuristic synth-rock, a love song with racing, throbbing synths and pounding rhythms. Said to be the most focused and autobiographical song on the record, it’s an exhilarating insight into what’s to come from their new album and revitalised sound.

Beabadoobee ‘Space Cadet’

Dirty Hit signee Beabadoobee has unveiled her third EP ‘Space Cadet’. Channelling the likes of Pavement and Sonic Youth and giving them a modern twist, it’s an EP full of killer choruses and youthful vigour that displays an innate ability to take sounds that are tried-and-tested and give them a new lease of life. Unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve with a stream of consciousness style of delivery, it’s no surprise that she is at the forefront of a massive Gen-Z fanbase as she continues to the parameters of her ‘bedroom pop’ sound to create her most visceral work to date.

Matt Maltese ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’

Along with news of his second album ‘Krystal’, Matt Maltese has shared the delectably smooth ‘Rom-Come Gone Wrong’. Much like the title suggests, it’s a candid break-up song delivered against a lush piano-based melody that’s reminiscent of singer-songwriters of the 70s. And while it’s not a massive shift from his debut ‘Bad Contestant’, it’s another heavenly entry into his acclaimed catalogue that will go down well with fans.