AS we take our first tentative steps towards springtime, the world’s musical stratosphere begins to look forward to the balmier weather and festival stages being erected with palpable anticipation. In response to these illustrious bills being examined and those coveted spaces being filled with the burgeoning talent that’s willing to put its best foot forward, the new offerings are arriving thick and fast and we’ve compiled the cream of the crop into the latest New Music Radar.

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Fabric Bear- In Your Mind

After enflaming the senses and emphatically announcing their presence on last year’s ‘Rogue Wave’, Fabric Bear have delivered another riveting statement of intent with new single ‘In Your Mind.’

Dispensing with the more effervescent, psychedelic undertones of of the aforementioned single in favour of a more confrontational and untethered aesthetic, the Edinburgh based trio continue to strive towards a sound that marks them out as necessary contrarians with no desire to assimilate themselves into the all too familiar overcrowded, three-chord dominated niche.

Drawing sonic influence from boisterous desert rock whilst retaining the indignance and palpable energy of punk rock at its most accelerating, ‘In Your Mind’ demonstrates an innate versatility when viewed in coincidence with last year’s release that is heartening to band, fan and onlooker alike.

Vida- ‘Let You Believe’ 

Hailing from Alloa, indie-rock outfit Vida have garnered a reputation around Scotland for their catchy anthems, boisterous energy and packed-out live shows. A band who have always worn their influences on their sleeves while evoking the spirit of nineties Britpop, they’ve now teamed up with one of their indie inspirations in The View’s Kieran Webster.

With Webster on production duties, Vida’s latest effort ‘Let You Believe’ is another surging indie anthem that displays a band bursting with confidence; full of their signature psych-inflected guitar lines, upbeat rhythms and anchored by a singalong refrain. Sure to go down a storm with their burgeoning fanbase, it’s a sign that the hard work is starting to pay off for the band.

Bad Hombres- Manuel!

Exploding from the depths of Glasgow’s dark underbelly are Bad Hombres; a rock’n’roll four-piece with heaps of swagger and a definite menacing streak.

With a number of gigs already under their belt this year, the band have jumped on their initial promise with the release of ‘Manuel!’, a dark slice of indie-rock recorded and produced by 45 A-Side Recordings and mastered by Ed Woods. From the outset, a distorted lead vocal asserts its authority over a sinister combination of swaggering rhythms, strident guitars and relentless basslines before a stomping bridge shift, which boldly features a clip of Donald Trump’s infamous ‘Bad Hombres’ speech,  sees the track out in thunderous fashion. Almost cinematic in style, it’s a raw, unfiltered insight into their undeniable potential.

Parliamo- Weekend

Bursting out of Perth with an irrepressible energy and rock’n’roll spirit, Parliamo have unveiled their massive debut single ‘Weekend’.

The latest exciting outfit to thrust themselves onto our radar, the young five-piece pen defiant anthems about growing up and being immersed Scotland’s modern day youth; a feeling fuelled by punky rebellion and an underlying optimism.  Now with a growing army of followers behind them after a series of raucous local live shows, the band have taken their first foray into fully-fledged recorded material with the release of ‘Weekend’.

Driven by pounding drums and earworm melodies, the track is an anthem of youth that takes you back to the heady days of Britpop with vocalist Jack Dailly explaining: “It’s about the ups and down that come with losing yourself as you try to find yourself in your teenage years, all the while keeping the undying optimism that everything is going to be okay”. A raucous combination of jangly guitars, poppy choruses, 60s punk energy and youthful perspective, it’s a rip-roaring start from a band who are only starting to make their mark.

Home$lice- Real Lyf/Sick 

Renowned for their versatile and steadfastly inventive material that has saw them surge in acclaim with each passing release, the dawning of the next evolution of Home$lice is upon as they hurtle towards the release of their debut album.

Ahead of their first foray into the long-player making its way into the public domain next month, TTV are delighted to bring you a excitement-provoking sample into what awaits us on Howdy in the form of double-A single ‘Real Lyf/Sick.’

Demonstrative of their innate ability to infuse jangly and sumptuous guitar-pop with more socially pertinent or frank and introspective subject matter, both tracks see the five piece go beyond the revelry and frivolous tales that so many of their peers preside over in order to extol the more downtrodden aspects of their psyche.

On the frenetic punk-infused whirlwind that is ‘Real Lyf’, the band deliver an exploration of the malaise and sinking feelings of stagnation that can arise in the wake of the realisaiton that you’re more ill-prepared to deal with the world of work and fiscal reponsibility in the manner that you’d once thought in more idealised days. On the other hand, the mesmeric, fuzz-laden indie rock of ‘Sick’ chastises those that prioritise greed and prosperity over the most basic grasp of human decency.

The Violet Kind- SPEAKEASY 

alt-rock outfit The Violet Kind are preparing for the release of their new EP OXTR; a captivating collection which aims to tackle issues surrounding rape culture and offer a catharsis to those who are survivors of sexual violence.

It’s a dark and troubling subject but one that the trio have approached with delicacy and intelligence, particularly on latest song and video ‘Speakeasy’. Full of highly evocative lyrics, the slow-burning track cleverly contrasts dark, descending melodies with bright chords and ascending melodies to instil a sense of narrative; lyrics and instrumentation working in tandem to create a powerful listening experience as the band oscillate between quiet moments of contemplation and bursts of cathartic energy.

Lead singer Katya Mansell sings, ‘If I could have spoken easily / Time and time again I’d still say no’ as they liken the actions of the perpetrator to Speakeasies; hidden bars which existed during the period of prohibition in 20th century America. It’s a play-on-words that suggests all is not as it seems as they deal with the issue of consent and a survivor’s ability to speak out.

Retro Video Club- Chemistry

With a highly successful 2017 under their belt, Retro Video Club’s year got off to an emphatic start with the indie-pop whirlwind that is their newest single ‘Chemistry.’ After racking up over 100,000 streams on spotify with the ease and nonchalance of a far more tenured band, TTV are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of its accompanying visuals.

A vivid and emotional encapsulation of all that they’ve acheived since their formation in 2015, the new clip shows the band prepping for their sold-out homecoming at Edinburgh’s renowned Liquid Rooms. A show that was clearly cathartic for both band and long-time fans alike, the choice to align one of their most riveting compositions to date alongside footage of what was a pivotal moment in their career is entirely arresting and fosters a belief in the band’s indisputable potential. Culminating in chants of ‘RV, RV, RV FUCKING C,’ the impassioned support from those in attendance demonstrates that they’re now reaping the rewards of their organic, slow-burning growth and their resolute faith in forging ahead with their own brand of invigorating rock ‘n’ roll.

Pizzagirl- Coffee shop

The latest offering from one of Liverpool’s most exciting new prospects, Pizzagirl exemplifies the many alluring qualities of his sound on the vibrant ‘Coffee Shop.’ Erring on the right side of auditory decadence with its luscious sounds and immensely infectious refrains, this is abstract pop that mines a duality between futuristic ground and the well-loved tropes of previous generation’s party anthems.