YET another week is in the books and we have once again been inundated with swathes and swathes of incredible new music that challenges, uplifts and confounds.

Given the immense talent and drive that is encapsulated in this year’s line-up, it has transpired that this week’s finest new output has been dominated by bands that will be descending upon Glasgow’s most revered venues for our very own Tenement Trail on the 30th September.

Ranging from local upstarts to talents from far and wide, here’s the essential tracks that should be amalgamated into your playlists this week.

Rascalton- Alone 

To say that Glasgow’s very own Rascalton are firing on cylinders at the moment would be an understatement veering towards the realm of insult. Dominating 2017 with their uproarious choruses and relatable tales of well intentioned debauchery. The second half of their AA single which also features the stellar ‘Lust’, ‘Alone’ sees a band on irrepressible form as they career through a tale of woe and insecurity against a soundtrack of euphoric indie rock. Brimming with both intensity and self-assurance, the band’s meteoric rise shows no signs of slowing down.

The Ninth Wave- Reformation (Demob Happy Remix)

Ahead of their highly anticipated performance at this year’s Tenement Trail, The Ninth Wave are looking to build on their growing momentum with the release of a brand new interpretation of the track; a remix we were  delighted to premiere here on TTV.

Reworked by the fiercely talented Demob Happy from Brighton, the new version strips the anthemic track of its stomping rhythms and rousing choruses in favour of sparse, crisp beats and a misty etherealness; the dual vocals from Haydn Park-Patterson and Elina Lin have never sounded so angelic, floating over the celestial arrangement as if from another world. The result is a hugely atmospheric and expansive re-imagination of the dark, brooding world that The Ninth Wave inhabit.

Caro- Eyes On The Ground

SEIZING our attention with their deeply nuanced and intelligent debut single, we are hugely excited to welcome hotly tipped Leeds outfit Caro to this year’s Tenement Trail.

The band have now followed up the brilliant ‘Closet Lunatic’ with another exquisite offering in ‘Eyes On The Ground’. Propelled by a throbbing bassline, the track twists and swells through jittery melodies, syncopated guitar lines and a wonderfully warm and melodious lead vocal.

Reminiscent of Alt-J when they first burst onto the scene and fellow art-poppers Everything Everything, Caro are able to make entirely unique soundscapes that display a sublime command of their craft. Highly infectious yet intricately crafted, they instil their ear-worm melodies with a small dose of social commentary and lyrical smarts.

Vistas-Hold Me 

Now part of the increasingly impressive roster at LAB Records, Edinburgh outfit Vistas have unveiled the highly infectious ‘Hold Me’ as their latest single.

Packed with fervent energy, the track is further indication that the four-piece have an irrepressible knack for creating huge indie-pop bangers perfect for mainstream airplay. Revisiting their trusty combination of bright, bouncy rhythms, vibrant guitar lines and big choruses, ‘Hold Me’ is fuelled by a powerful sense of self-belief and defiance that suggests the band are becoming increasingly increasingly confident in their craft. Having already rocketed up the charts with their previous single ‘Strong Swimmer’, this new track looks set to make a similar impact.

Following on from the revelation that is the track itself, the band have now treated to us the accompanying video in which we bear witness to an unconventional but no less heartwarming love story.