AS the biggest Tenement Trail to date approaches at a rate of knots, it comes as no suprise that a litany of artists on the bill are jostling for the attention of the masses with the release of stellar new material. Acting as preludes to what are sure to be remarkable sets from artists that are scattered along the musical spectrum from cathartic post-punk to euphoric electronica, here’s a round-up of all of the tremendous new releases from #TT17 acts to have entered the public domain this week.

Retro Video Club- Psycho 

Impassioned indie rock ‘n’ roll that is meant to be bellowed back at them by an entranced crowd, Retro Video Club’s first track in many months emphatically displays what makes them such a hotly tipped prospect going forward. Led by powerful vocals that ring with emotional clarity set against a foundation of pummeling guitars and percussion, ‘Psycho’ and its encapsulation of the volatile mix of  conflicts and contradictions that manifest in any romance proves that this is a band who’ll be making their way into the hearts and minds of many if they keep forging ahead with such vigour.

GIRLI vs Anteros ‘Hot Mess (Remix) 

A band who continue to stir excitement with one impressive release after another, Anteros have turned all expectations on their head by teaming up with rising London popstar GIRLI for a remix of the singer’s ‘Hot Mess’.

A punchy and unapologetic swipe at patriarchy in the music industry, Anteros inject the track with some jangly guitars, bold rhythms and frontwoman Laura Hayden’s magnetic charm. Strutting onwards with an undeniable swagger and fierce attitude, it’s a big pop anthem that delves into their love of avant-garde pop and nostalgic indie while remaining entirely fresh and addictive.

The Ninth Wave- Liars 


band that has deftly shed their skin in order to morph into their most robust and muscular form, the reformation of The Ninth Wave continues in earnest on new single ‘Liars.’

The second track to emerge from their debut EP, the continued expansion of their sound and the move towards a more fleshed out and definitive style of their own is unimpeded on the ferocious ‘Liars.’

Endowed with the spirit and ingenuity of 80’s new wave stalwarts such as Killing Joke, The Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus but with an altogether wider lens that enables their vibrant material to bustle with ingenuity, ‘Liars’ sees the soaring vocals of Elina Lin to take centre-stage alongside uniquely spiralling guitar lines and a succession of intense rhythms.

Nestled in the middle of the newly released Reformation EP, initial first impressions are that this is the genesis of a turning point in the band’s career in which their immense talent secedes from its perch as one of Scotland’s best kept secrets and into the waiting arms of music lovers that are crying out for music to believe and invest in as previous generations could.

KVASIR- French Girls 

For fans of Giorgio Moroder, Justice and Digitalism, the elusive Scot known as KVASIR has amped up the funky, feel-good factor on his latest offering; brimming with euphoric hook-laden techno-pop and grooving basslines, it’s another highly infectious and multi-layered track from the talented artist which displays a highly impressive grasp of both songwriting and execution. With shimmering synths, glitchy beats and dreamy vocals, it’s a track made for the dancefloor.

SAINT PHNX- King (Acoustic) 

Among Scotland’s preeminent rising stars at the moment, the sibling duo known as Saint PHNX have painted one of their most empowering numbers in an entirely different light on this special acoustic version of ‘King.’ Trading in the bombast of the original for tranquil yet no less immediate string arrangements that add a new level of poignance to this ode to self-belief and gritty determination, it is a true testament to the emotional depth that lies just below the surface of their regularly thunderous material.

Sam Fender- Millenials 

In an industry saturated with male singer songwriters, Newcastle-born Sam Fender has stood out from the pack thanks to his fierce lyrical prowess and deeply nuanced take on the indie genre. The talk of the tastemakers with ‘Play God’ and ‘Greasy Spoon’, the BBC Introducing Artist of the Week has now unveiled a third offering by the name of ‘Millenial’.

In another insightful lyrical take on modern society, Fender takes aim at the media’s portrayal of young people in the 21st century. Rejecting any notion that millennials are ‘young and dumb’, the singer-songwriter is keen to tell the other side of the story; and the result is an empowering slice of indie rock which shines a light on his incredibly soulful vocal and thoughtful lyricism. Gritty, melodic and highly accomplished, it’s another big track which reveals his massive potential.