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BOASTING a lineup full of the best talent currently coming out of Scotland, it’s only right that this year’s Tenement Trail should include an appearance from Glasgow alt-rockers The Van T’s.
The four-piece appear to be on an unstoppable rise this year thanks to the release of their new EP along with a number of well-received festival appearances and support slots; culminating in their nomination for the Best Rock/Alternative Act at next month’s SAMAs. It seems inevitable that as the band continue to develop their musicianship, so too will their star continue to rise.Known for their raucous live sets, The Van T’s are sure to go down a storm in front of a receptive home crowd at this year’s Trail, with their glittery grunge-pop vibes perfect for the party atmosphere.Featuring a mix of their influences along with some other local bands, they’ve shared a playlist of tracks that they’re listening to right now as they prepare for the big day on Saturday 8th October.1. The Vegan Leather – Days Go By

“We adore this band. This song is like a breath of fresh air and is so catchy. You’ll find yourself signing it all day long.”

2. Demob Happy – Succubus. 

“We discovered this band early this year, the whole album Dream Soda is great. Would recommend if you’re into fuzz and garage.

3. Baby Strange – California Sun.

“Off their new album Want It Need It. it’s great to chant along to. It should be an anthem for the end of a drunk night out.”

4. Cults – Always forever.

“If falling In love had a quirky song this would probably be it. Definitely one of the more happier songs we’ve been listening to.”

5. Sunflower Bean – Come On.

“Really enjoyed going on tour with Sunflower Bean. One of our favourite songs off the album Human Ceremony. Insane live”.

6. Catholic Action – Breakfast.

 “We heard this a few months ago and instantly fell in love and now they have just released a music video for it. Hats off to them clever boys.”

7. INHEAVEN – Tangerine

“Love the shoegazey-ness of this song and vocal harmonies. Can tell this band have a lot of  90’s influences. They have a lot of great songs to check out.”

8. Communions – Summers Oath.

“Really LOVE this song. Filled with the heart felt words “I said I’ll see you again” throughout. Definitely a song used for long Van journeys.”

9. My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said.

Last month was the hardest month ever for most of us because of a passing of a loved one. The album Loveless was a massive help. For us we can listen to it in a world of our own. One of our main influences.

 10. WHITE- I Liked You Better When You Needed Me.

“Another talented band from Glasgow. We love all of White’s tracks but so far this is one of our favourites. Lot’s of sass and we love it, amazing live as well.”

11. Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten.

“Was stuck between this one and “Shut up, Kiss me”. Really looking forward to seeing her live in October. One of the best singer songwriters out there at the moment.”

12. Gary Numan – M.E.

“One of the best synth tracks out there. Absolute classic when we are chilling or getting ready for a show.”

13. levitation room – Crystal ball.

  “Reminds us of summer really and love the psychedelia vibes. Great track off of the Ethos album”.
 14. The Lapelles – Seventeen.

“No words needed really. Love all The Lapelles tracks, Gary Watson Forever. “SO good”.

 15. Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Blood Moon.

“First single from a band consisting of members/former members of Alice in Chains, Mastodon, the Dillinger Escape Plan and the Mars Volta”.

 16. The Ninth Wave – Upstairs People.

“Favourite track off their last EP “Only The Young”, cant wait for their new stuff”.

17. Lucia Fontaine – Best Boy

“One of our favourite songs this year. It has that ‘Teenage Kick’ feel about it and all we want to do is dance.”

18. Spice girls – Spice up your life. 

“Pretty sure this is now our new walk on song, so much inspiration and girl power.”