THE stage lights may be off right now, but the spotlight on women in music has never shone brighter. From the front, to the back – we hear you.

It’s hard to believe it was a year ago that TENEMENT TV put on our last live event. In celebration of women in music, we brought together acts Medicine Cabinet, Swim School and Honeyblood in the basement of The Amsterdam.

As the news broke that SXSW announced they had cancelled the upcoming festival during our IWD show, there was a huge shift in the room as a realisation bellowed through the basement that the world was about to change. And it did.

We’ve not been together in a sweaty room shouting lyrics and sharing similar views for over 365 days. We miss it more than anything.

TENEMENT TV are champions of great music. It’s as simple as that. Today and every day we celebrate women working behind the scenes, on-stage and in the hot seat. Today and every day we support those shouting about issues embedded within our industry.

Today and every day, we celebrate women in music.